BVA Mystery Shopping Thoughts?

I thought there was a thread on this recently. I believe it had something to do with food delivery. That's how I ended signing up with them.

I got an e-mail offering a nice paying three month project with them. So I responded.

Today, I get a call from a girl whose English was horrid. He sounded oriental, but BVA appears to be French company.

If I understood her correctly, they will provide me a credit card to use to buy and return items from different websites.

The red flag went up when, I THINK, she said they would pay me via direct deposit and would need my bank information.

I may set up an account just to see if this is legit and only use it for payments from BVA. That way if it is a scam, they can't access the rest of my account transactions.

Any thoughts?

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Was it Tina that contacted you? They do have a project that’s paying E150/week, if that’s what was proposed.
yes it was Tina. So you have worked with them and gotten paid by them in the past? It looks like you have been on this forum for a while.
I haven't worked on this particular project, but I have been doing their food ordering assignments. I have had a great time with them, so I wouldn't hesitate to do the assignment Tina contacted you about, except that I don't have the time necessary to do it.
Did you end up working on this project? Just curious. Looks like they are hiring for similar work currently.
I applied for the job (BVA mystery shopping) through and the company responded to me for a phone interview. I am currently working for the company also but I was asked for my Paypal email address/ID for payment not bank information. They are supposed to issue payments by the 8th of each month. I just started in March 2019 so I should be receiving my first payment through my Paypal account by the 8th of April 2019. I would not recommend given them your bank account information. You need to open up a paypal account go to and open up a personal account and provide your Paypal email address to them to receive your payment. After reading your post, it seems like you are trying to be scammed by someone or a group of people who is pretending to be the actual company. The company that I work do not ask me to perform any food delivery tasks but to purchase items from merchants, contact merchants via telephone or email and evaluate them by filling out and submitting feedback forms.
This is a legitimate project It is a lot of work, and you have to be very careful with data entering, but they are the real deal. Also, they pay via Paypal once a month.

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I clicked on English and found the site way too confusing...made me wonder if the whole company is like this.

Live consciously....
I have been doing this project for 5 months. Legit but a few issues with language barrier, good that I speak French. It's time consuming and I'm pretty sure the package carriers hate me but so far, so good.
I don't know if it's related, but Reality Check had some high end merchandise call shops and on the application page it said:

"Company: BVA Richemont"
I have done BVA shops through other schedulers and had no problem. And they were paid through paypal, NOT a bank account.

>He sounded oriental, but BVA appears to be French company.

People from other countries with accents can live in France too.
My favorite shops, have done a ton through the years, now there is an age requirement not over 60.... .my experience is there, but can't fight city hall.

Live consciously....
BVA is legit. They do pay. I've only gotten paid via Paypal.--My choice.

>>I get a call from a girl whose English was horrid. He sounded oriental, but BVA appears to be French company. <<

I doubt that BVA would allow a child to make calls on their behalf. As a former ESL teacher everyone I have spoken with at BVA had an excellent level of English. About sounding "oriental", "Asian" is the term in current usage, possibly s/he was Asian. France is a country with a diverse population.
I received a call from Tina also. I set up a new Gmail account per her request. And never heard back from her. I was a little hesitant when she said I may have to pay for purchases using my credit card. Because their vcn might not work.
Ton of work and they don’t pay you when making very small mistakes. Be prepared to waste your time.

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To the new participants, my 1st payment on the project was a SHOCK. It amounted to something like $2/hr after expenses. But, like I mentioned in another post - it catches up. Just because you close a ticket does not mean it will be paid on the very next pay day. The vcn reimbursement has to post and your tickets get verified... My 3rd payment was HUGE. When you get your pay, ask for the Summary so you can reconcile your tasks to see what has been paid. Also, if something does not seem right talk to your lead; they are really responsive.
I agree they are responsive. I don't like the error report - I checked one box wrong - no pay. AM/PM error. Their survey platform is horrible. A ton of work on that shop too - 5 emails from start to finish on that one. I did all that for free.
Yes, stinky having to have so many windows open. It's easy to miss something. I have an IT background, so it might be a little easier for me to manage the data. If you can, one thing that could help is to set yourself up with another monitor, so that you can have 2 screens to look at. I have my excel file + gmail on one screen & the 2 programs for reporting on the other.
Nowhere in this industry do you not get paid for erroneously clicking AM versus PM. That really bothers me. The rest of the job is fine-even if I wait months for reimbursement! Cash flow is not a problem here.

But, I don’t work for free and never get jobs rejected ever. So this is a sore spot for me.

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