Shops Removed Without Notification

I am totally disappointed. Last week I signed up for a bundle of gas station shops. They pay was fairly reasonable. I submitted my bid and it was accepted by a scheduler with the MSC. On the day we spoke, I told him I would call back to confirm the dates I could complete the bundle. I called back to confirm the dates, spoke to another scheduler and it was confirmed ( I thought). I checked the website, to find no shops listed for me. I called the MSC this am and was informed the shops had been removed( they had been archived). I really don't think the schedule really knew what happened. But the most disappointing aspect about this ... is no one notified me that the shops were removed. I was led to believe they were assigned to me. Unbelievable.. now I have to search for shops to complete my quota for this week.

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That is so crappy. I had a last minute, "OMG PANIC!" gas station shop request last week. I agreed to do the shop, as it was within a route, but it was never assigned. It was just one, though, and the rest of the route was okay. I know it wasn't "pulled" because, upon presenting the LOA at one station, the attendant said the station down the road warmed him someone would be coming.
Thanks for ur concern. I don’t know if I will be able to do business with this MSC. Their attitude was so nonchalant about the matter. Karma hits when u least expect and maybe they will remember this incident.
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You are one of many there. I highly doubt that they will "remember this incident."
It sounds like the shops were never posted to you, and another scheduler gave them to somebody else who didn't need time to figure out when they could do them.
Unless they are on your board, you don't have them. That's how they have always operated.
I have never considered shops "mine" or assigned, especially bundles with my offer, until they show up on my list of assigned shops. Schedulers have no power in assigning shops that are part of bundles. They have to check with their supervisor before giving the go ahead.
Often, I've verbally bid on shops and have been told by the scheduler that they shall call me back after getting the "okay" from their supervisor.
They would call back. A large percentage of those shops were never given to me. Maybe I bid too much, or some other reason was given. But, I never considered those shops mine to do until I received an affirmative from that MSC.
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For the OP: were the shops actually assigned, then removed? You explanation is not very clear. It comes across as though they were never actually assigned.

Based on everything I have ever read here, and my two attempts to work with Maritz, I personally have no inclination to answer their calls or ever apply directly.

I did complete some signage shops for them, via a 3rd party listing. The 3rd party provided much more information up front and did not call me to review the guidelines before accepting my applications.

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I had a job with Source and was on my way to complete it-23 miles of the 32 to reach the shop. I was notified the job had been pulled but if I had completed they would pay and if not they would pay me mileage plus something. I was satisfied and really like the company.
I have not shopped Maritz or the source so I don't l can't speak on that. However I have done gas shops for marketforce and new image marketing...

NIM is absolutely complaints

Market force..have no issues with them either

The nice thing is they dont require a gazillion photos

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.
What was explained in the OP just does not seem like Maritz to me. I don't think they were ever assigned.
When you created the bundle initially, didn't you select dates at that time?
At any rate, stay on the phone with Maritz until you see the shops on your board. I have never had even the slightest issue with them.
They were working to get projects finished before Christmas. It sounds to me like a bundle was submitted, scheduler called to approve offer, shopper said they weren’t sure the date they submitted would work for them afteall and wanted to call back with different shop dates. In the meantime, another shopper came along and picked the shops up. Which IMO is perfectly acceptable— they needed those shops assigned ASAP.
I was on the phone with Maritz scheduling a bundle once and had someone self-assigned a few of the jobs while the scheduler was securing the dates for me. There wasn't anything the scheduler could do about it. I assume until the job is assigned to you with a date, it's available for others to take.
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