Market Force payment issue: no response from the company

Could anyone help in getting in touch with anyone responsible for payments in Market Force?
I have urgent payment issue. They don't respond to my emails sent to their "help" address.
Thank you!

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Off their website: We are primarily email-based with a limited phone staff. Our number should be used for emergency questions while shopping.

Not sure if you will get someone to answer based on the above message but their phone # is 1-800-669-6526. Their office hours are 10-2 Eastern time

Thank you, Kim, but this number returns only automatic responses or refers to the same help email. No living assistant ever available.
Have you tried sending an email to I notice if I use their form off the website I get no response however, of you mail them directly you get a response. You can also try calling them at the following number (906)984-0117.
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