Regal hospitality group. How are they?

I just signed up with them. The third person writing thing is strange for sure. But how do the hotel shops work? I haven't done one yet but just curious in case one does open up near me. Thanks

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I completed three assignments for Regal at hotels, but they were as a non-registered diner. All were paid as agreed and I did not experience any problems. 10 years ago, though, they sent me a notice they were changing the pay period from net 45 to net 90. As that was unacceptable to me, I requested and was immediately given my deactivation. If waiting 90 days, assuming that is still the rule, does not bother you, give it a shot. I can live with net 60, but 90 is too far out for me.
I find the reports to be a lot of work for the level of hotel - mid level (at best), one night with multiple mediocre F and B outlets. Good for when you need a hotel and don't want to shell out the money, and don't mind writing up a report.
Agree with both above posters.
Net 90 is too long for payment.
Also, I had a heck of a time getting the "automatic reversals" which both took over 30 days.
I was done with them years ago.

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I did hotel shop where I waited 90 days for $1,200 reimbursement. All was good and I got paid but 90 days did not make me feel comfortable.
They have shops I like and shops I don't like. I don't mind waiting 90 days for payment if it's a hotel brand that would have stayed in anyway. 90 Days is better than never being my thought. I also like their cash integrity shops. I do not do their full service shops any longer for the reasons mentioned above. Specifically long payment terms and the amount of work needed.

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Hotel shops require minute details, lots of time stamps, and adherence to their unique writing style. Very few photos.
I did my one and only and I'll do it again. Got $1500.00 reimbursement for a three night stay. They told me their scheduler assigned it to me in error as it was my first and it was intense. They were not delighted with my report, we revised it a few times and I crossed my fingers because I was not expecting to get paid, but they paid me. whew.
The short hotels are very reasonable, BUT the longer ones, especially if it is an international location are not. Just keep in mind that if you do an international hotel, they are very long and you're still expected to make the same deadline, which is VERY difficult, especially if you are doing multiple components. When you are traveling internationally, you will lose A LOT of time. In my opinion the deadline is way too short for the more complex ones, especially if its an international location.Just my two cents

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Not worth it. I've done two. I'm done. The first one they complained I didn't follow the guidelines enough. The second one they complained I followed them too closely and they docked my pay. Nope, no more.
Their reports are written in third person and that took some getting used to but my experience with them so far has been good. I was reimbursed sooner than 90 days for two of my shops.
I haven't worked for them much since they had some staffing turnover and change to the new platform. The things that I used to do on every shop without concern are suddenly getting me negative feedback. Still can't self-assign. I still apply now and then, but nowhere near as much as I used to.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.
They have a fair amount of open shops. I get emails almost daily.

Trueguest uses third person as well.

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At this point I'm more comfortable writing in 3rd person than in first.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.
I've been shopping for them for a couple of months, and they're not bad. Their reports are easy to get through, as long as I don't stall and wait for the last minute to try to remember all of the details. Waiting 90 days to get reimbursed is a little intense, although lately, it's been given back much quicker.
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