HS Brands Mystery Shopping pay schedule

I did two oil change shops the first week in January. I'm at 8 - 9 weeks, so hoping for payment soon.

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My late Dec shops were all paid in Feb. I've got some Jan shops that are just hitting 8 weeks. In general their DD is very reliable so I'm not super concerned.
Same here. Two shops on Jan 3rd.
I did two oil change shops the first week in January. I'm at 8 - 9 weeks, so hoping for payment soon.
HS Brands used to be pretty consistent with an average of 45 days to pay. Lately, they have been exceeding two months. Not sure what is going on, but eventually they will pay, May be experiencing some difficulty.
Every single shop I have done with them for several years has been paid exactly 60 days after shop date.
In the email/job board info, HS states 60 days. If you get it earlier than that - consider it a win! And yes, HS acquired another MSC that was horrible - taking 90+ days to pay and would never return calls or emails. So HS is integrating with them. Also I just saw that HS is farming out editor responsibilities to proof readers at wordsmith pros (???).

HS Brands has used Wordsmith Profs for editing for quite some time.

HS acquired the Dutch firm, Mystery Review, in December. Have they acquired anyone else recently?

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Yes, they have acquired MCP (Measure Consumer Perspectives) and Kern is doing the scheduling for those shops.

I am not a fan of the wordsmith pro - they are very inconsistent when scoring shops. I can get a 10 on an audit, and then the next time I do the same audit/same location, I get an email with numerous requests for great detail for every no answer. I don't think they read the guidelines or even the questions on the survey. For example: an audit/integrity shop is going to have many "No" answers. i.e. No, there was no spillage by the bartender; No, there was no waste by the bartender; No, there were no employees sitting at the bar ordering food and/or drink; No, there was no guest that was intoxicated, and so on. I got a shop back from them not long ago asking me to go into "great" detail about every "NO" answer and return it to them in less than 24 hour turn around ( I got the email at 10:40 PM). I just restated the question with my no answer - there was no detail like there is in a normal shop. It is many of the yes answers in an audit that require additional details (at least the audits I have done) because it means that the person being observed or audited is doing things that client does not want them to do. You know - the bar audits - they do no want the bartender wasting liquor or spilling it or comping it; and they don't want employees sitting at the bar eating food and drinking booze while they are supposed to be working and not paying for it either. I sent the editor a nice email explaining that the "NO" answers are what this particular client is wanting (for many of the questions she mentioned in her email). I ended up with a perfect score...but not I remember why I don't like doing that audit. LOL
I was paid today for a shop completed in January for Measure Customer Perspectives through HS Brands.

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So I was paid today but they are using a new payment system that requires an access code to download a check. Never got an access code. Bad enough to wait months and now this.
This is what their shopper agreement says--

How Is Your Fee Processed

HS Brands International processes ALL independent contractor payments via PayPal. If you do not accept payments via PayPal, you are not eligible to provide services for HS Brands international. Independent contractors must set up their own PayPal account at www.Paypal.com. Independent contractors must be 18 years of age or older to sign up for PayPal. Payments are submitted to PayPal approximately 60 days after the last day of the month in which the project was completed. Please note that it then takes PayPal up to 5 business days to process these transactions and clear the money for disbursement. If you do not receive payment by this time, please notify us after confirming that both your email address and PayPal accounts were correct and active. You are responsible for updating your email address in our system, and in your PayPal account (email addresses must be EXACTLY the same) to ensure prompt payment. Your Shop Log will provide a description of your payment, so there is no need to call us unless your log does not match what you were emailed when you accepted the project and the agreed timeframe.
My direct deposit is in my account, so no clue why I got that strange email to download a pay stub. I have shopped for them for a very long time and have always had direct deposit. Paypal and DD are both payment options on their shopper profile. Perhaps they never updated their agreement. Paypal or direct deposit - doesn't matter as long as I am paid. But I certainly do not like a strange email to download a pay stub with an access code, and no one providing the access code.
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