Gigwalk has reached a new low in 2019

I know that this should be no surprise since Gigwalk recently had the gall to offer shops with no payment at all, but I just saw some new supermarket aisle audits only paying $5. Is that really how much they value shoppers time and effort? It's so insulting given the marketing information these companies are getting are definitely worth more than $5. Such a shame.

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Am I missing something with the app? I see the shop in question, but all I see is the address, the name of the store, and the due date and earnings. I can't see ANY instructions for the shop, no matter where I press on the screen. Are we expected to apply for something without knowing what's involved? Someone help me! TIA
My board says it’s for a popular brand’s signage. Have no idea if there are questions or just pictures to be taken. Tbh even if the shop was the easiest it’s not worth any amount of gas to get there.
The zero dollar payment jobs were only questions to become a mystery shopper through them. Once you were approved you were able to be assigned a $20 job. Gigwalk has changed quite a bit, the $5 jobs are like 4 pictures tops and take like 5 mins. If you are in the area it's not too bad.

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Oh yea that is definitely the case ive seen some as low as $3 and have seen schedulers catch an attitude for rejecting them obviously they dont understand this is our job how we pay our bills feed our kids and its just not realistic or worth to even start my car up for $3 or $5 now if they have multiple $3-5 jobs yea that would be worth it but not one measley $5 job not happening
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