Does anyone know how to reach people at The Shadow Agency? Or maybe answer my question.

I emailed a question today to "ShopperSupport" at The Shadow Agency and no one responded. I was supposed to do an apartment Web-inquiry job today. The instructions said in two different places I was to take a screenshot of an email reply and save it as a Word document in the report. How would I do that? I know how to take screenshots and save the image as a JPEG or PNG file, but not Word. I emailed for guidance but received none. So now I am reaching out to other shoppers who might have completed a similar Internet job.

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The Zamzar software looks good, but it won't convert my JPG to Word. When I open the converted file the page is blank except for the following words, "not currently be displayed."
christirod, I figured out how to snip and paste into Word! Thanks for the suggestion! Now I can make my $5.00 today! :-)

The software called, which someone else recommended, did not work for this application, but it looks good for other things.
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