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That’s correct. We wanted to make it easier to complete the W9 and doing it in the app was very tricky.

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Anybody getting to do the Scooby standee? Looks a little challenging. 3D letters, but only 6. Then the bottom part has curves. Vision is paying $150!!! I want to get to do one. Figure 15 mins a letter. An hour for the rest. That's only 2 1/2 hrs. Even if it took you 3 hrs that's still $50 an hour.

It looks like the Scooby dog in it is an actual 3D piece of plastic or foam or something. How are they shipping it. Is that coming in a separate box? It's attached with 5 screws into the bottom of it with no wingnuts. Must be 3D. Wow. How much does it cost to get a few hundred of those made. Surely those are going to get taken home and not end up in the trash.
That one isn't Vision, at least not in my area. it's.....complicated. The letter take about 2 hours alone, then there's a 3 part base that they get put in, with the 2 podium pieces and a 3rd stand for the dog statue, which is some kind of brittle plastic. The payment is great, but's a lot of work.
Has anyone else gotten unsolicited requests to sign up with them?

Just saw an email a few days ago seemingly asking me to register (haven't oepnedd it yet).

It's always weird, b/c I do know schedulers pass our names/emails around and I get legitimate invites from legitimate companies out of good intent sometimes. Occasionally, you also see scammy invites too that people on the forum alert others to.

Trying to decide what is what on this one. smiling smiley
This is a legit company, I don't know how they got your info to contact you though. I've been with them for a few months now, and when I signed up, I contacted them. They pay better than other companies for trailer checking and Ad checks, I have not been lucky enough to get any of the installs yet, but if you have time to fit the work in your schedule, give it a go. It's strictly app based, so no paperwork to fill out and it's much easier and less work that some of the other companies that have similar ad checks and trailer checks.
I see there's a Sponge Bob standee. Looks to be another challenging one. Mostly because of all the little parts. Also the back isn't just a simple box, but has a bunch of different angles to it. And the front for it isn't flat, but 3Dish. The first ones going to take a little longer while you figure out where all the parts go. Second one should easily be able to do it in under 2 hrs. Pays a decent $60. Sure be nice if MovieMeasure got a few.
FYI I received an unsolicited invite today. This is what they told me re getting my name: "We are also a member of MSPA, which is where we got your information from."

LET ME BROADCAST THIS! Life is good. I did not say it was "perfect", but it is good. Perfect leaves me something more to strive for while enjoying where I am smiling smiley
I just got an email from them with opportunities in California. Instead of using bcc they used cc and revealed the email addresses of hundreds of shoppers. This is one way scammers get our email addresses and start scams.
Just received an email from them asking for trailer checks. I believe they are relatively new but the Quiz and tests are pretty simple. Was going to schedule one on a trial run but schedule was already full in another area. Think pay is $10.00 pet aditorium. Usually 5 trailers, so 20 minutes or so. Depending on theatre size probably will check 2 or 3 auditoriums. So $30 in about an hour. There app is put together very clean. And as trailer starts will pick up sound and display that trailer. You just click button to confirm correct trailer is playing in correct order. Will give it a test next opportunity I have to do so. The downside is the closest theatre from me is 54 miles. But they do have a viable phone number to see if they will offer travel incentive. But if your in a major metro area could be a good gig. Will keep you posted.
Read the fine print. First screen pays $10. Others, not so much unless it has been a couple of hours between showings.
Little movie trivia. Back in 1988 when Who Framed Roger Rabbit came out a big opening was about 1,000 screens. These days it's 4,000+. The $11 million opening weekend box office these days would be considered a bomb. Of course back then they didn't have CGI so it took a team of animators a year to hand draw all the animation. Here's a TV show on the behind the scenes on how they made it, []

I'm still wondering what effect Disney buying Fox will have on the availability of standees since Disney is "in house" having their own merchandiser do them. Even without that the number of standees seems to be down. Hard to say since I haven't been getting to do any so haven't been in the theaters to see what is there. I would always check out the other standees to see what there was. Seems like it was more and more Disney (which we didn't get to do) since they had the bigger movies that could afford standees to promote them.

I wonder how much effect Regal getting bought by the UK company that isn't as standee friendly has had. Promoters are not going to spend money on standees if they are just going to get shoved down some hallway where nobody is going to see them. Regal use to be big on standees and fill their lobbies with them. Now you have to go looking for them just to find the few they have.
Michael Eisner, then president of The Walt Disney Company, complained Who Framed Roger Rabbit was too risqué with sexual innuendo. Eisner and Zemeckis disagreed over elements with the film, but since Zemeckis had final cut privilege, he refused to make alterations. Jeffrey Katzenberg felt it was appropriate to release the film under their Touchstone Pictures banner instead of the traditional Walt Disney banner. Who Framed Roger Rabbit opened on June 22, 1988 in America, grossing $11,226,239 in 1,045 theaters during its opening weekend. The film went on to gross $156.45 million in North America and $173.35 million internationally, coming to a worldwide total of $329.8 million. At the time of release, Roger Rabbit was the twentieth highest-grossing film of all time. The film was also the second highest grossing film of 1988, behind only Rain Man.
I just completed my first job with your company and was very happy with the job. Your people were quick to answer my questions and the app was very easy to use. I hope to do more work for you.
@mfisherri wrote:

What a huge breach of confidential informationsad smiley

I didn’t even get an apology after notifying the scheduler of the error that revealed all of the shoppers’ email addresses.
Great team, go for it. Done totally on your phone.

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