GFK Audit

Has anyone done this assignment? I passed the drug test and am trying to find the guidelines so that I can pass the quiz, but the link/page they gave me does not have any reference to the quiz material. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

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I passed the drug test and can do them to, however, they seem intimidating. How are they? What do the employees think of you being there?
Chickster - I had the same issue. I emailed the scheduler through the shop log and they sent the link to the pdf BOOK. I've passed the drug test and the two other tests, but I have yet to do any.
Well, the link they sent me for the video didn't work. I clicked on the link, but it takes me to a page where they have no instruction to take the test. So - I guess I'll email the scheduler again and see if I can get an updated link or instructions. Thank you for your feedback.
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