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Hello, I saw an offer for a savings account shop in my email. By the time I got logged in, I saw I was already assigned. I think I had expressed interest in these shops before. I have never shopped for Mintel before. I am experienced in shopping banks. Anybody have experience with Mintel?

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I clicked on a link on this forum to sign up for Mintel and my McAfee advisor indicates the website is very risky.
I love Mintel. They have unique and interesting jobs and pay fairly quickly. I am currently doing a PO Box project that pays $70 for virtually no work (I do it along other routes). I have done buy back projects as well where you get to keep the product (got a lot of holiday gifts from this one).
I wish I had more opportunities to do shops for Mintel.

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I did a mail collection study for about three years plus a couple rounds of baby formula shops. (also mail related.) The projects were simple and the pay is reliable.
mintel is great all unique projects that pay good to great for work required.

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One of my favorite companies. Wish I could get more with them.

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I love Mintel too. I wish they had more shops available because I would do them all the time.

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I'll take all the work I can get from Mintel. It's a great company, pays well and pays quickly. I wish they had more jobs in my area.

I recently had McAfee as a free trial on a new laptop and it didn't flag Mintel's site. I'm back to Norton and they have no problem with the site.

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I did an earlier round of this project. The report was very simple and the pay was pretty astounding, especially since you get reimbursed for a deposit which you can keep. I was paid within weeks of the first survey, even before the second survey had gone out. It was my first Mintel assignment and I sure hope it won't be my last.
I completed the savings account opening and funding and I entered a report online. I have not heard anything yet from Mintel if they liked my report or need additional info.
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