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Lorri, as the scheduler seems to be brand new, I would prefer to give some time.

Like I said, I think maybe the other schedulers had spoiled me, and I was attempting to use the system in a way it isn't meant to be used (Ok, just found out I'm heading out of town, to a place where you have a hard-to-fill shop. I used to e-mail Pete with "Hey, I might be close to there tomorrow, will pick up the shop if you can get me $25 for it", and presto-chango, next thing ya know, there'd it be, in my log! Definitely spoils a shopper rotten!).

I am absolutely not wanting to get anyone in trouble for doing the job as it's supposed to be done.

(In all fairness, too, it's not like I've done a ton of shops through KSS -- but the ones I have done are in hard-to-fill, in the middle of nowhere, orphan shops. And it was mutually beneficial, because I got excellent filler shops, and the scheduler got some shops covered that were very hard to fill. But I asked for 3 to 5 shops last month and ended up not doing a single one of them.)

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@Lorri Kern KSS wrote:

Most people in Boston I know are super kind as were the ones I knew in AL, NC, SC, CA and AZ.
I notice that NY and NJ are (rightfully) not on this list ;-)

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.

(Yes, I stole Hoju's tagline.)
@Lorri Kern KSS wrote:

@Eric in Tampa wrote:

@walesmaven @SoCalMama I wouldn't say that I've given KSS schedulers like Pet any flack. More like the other way around, especially when they were wrong in principal. While Pete has never scheduled a shop for me, I've accepted work from Sally, Lorri, and Kim. I found Sally to be quite rude, and with a bad attitude whenever I wouldn't accept offers to do her monthly parking valet jobs at multiple locations. She would call me on my cell phone more often than emailing me. While Lorri has asked me via email to do the same monthly parking valet jobs for something like $10 a location, her responses to emails were borderline condescending. I found this to be surprising, given that she's been a business owner within this industry for quite some time. To put it more candidly, her communication absolutely sucks. I used to give Lorri Kern the pass due to her demonstrating that certain "Boston hospitality." It was only after I started working in Boston at least 2-3 times a year over the last 6 years that I realized that the folks in New England aren't so bad, and that like anywhere else in the US, that certain hospitality is not necessarily true for this region. While I have no doubt that she is probably a good MSC scheduling owner where the company loyalty is obviously demonstrated by schedulers like Peter, my biggest hope with her is for improved communications with shoppers. But that is all that this is- hope. I won't hold my breath.

The only one that I found to be respectful (as well as prompt in replies) has been Kim. I've had no issues, and I found her to be reasonable and understanding.

Sally retired from KSS 2 years ago after working with us for 12+ years. I'm sorry you had a bad experience but I think if you do research, you'll find most shoppers LOVED Sally. She was pretty amazing and super patient and nicer than 99% of the people I know.

If you accepted work for Kim, that means you work in NV. You have a PI License? Kim ONLY schedules in NV (and has for 18 years working for KSS). I don't see you on our list of people that have legal work standards in NV, so this is baffling to me.

As far as me asking you to do valet parking assignments? I don't schedule any of those, so I have no idea what you are talking about.

Also - Boston hospitality? Seriously? I just moved here 6.5 years ago. I was born in Alabama, I grew up in Charleston, SC and Winston-Salem, NC - I moved to California when I was 21 and lived on the West Side of the country until 6.5 years ago. I am 50. so for 43.5 years, I had Southern and Western hospitality. But now I live in Boston and I'm still the same nice, kind hospitable person i was for 43 years prior to moving here.

I find your generalizations offensive and irrelevant. Most people in Boston I know are super kind as were the ones I knew in AL, NC, SC, CA and AZ.

Just wow.

@Lorri Kern KSS You don't see me on your list? I don't think that you are looking hard enough. I do not have a PI license...I have had a current Nevada work card since 2015. I find it interesting that you are alluding that I am not qualified to work in Nevada, when the state of Nevada PILB says otherwise. I'll even scan my card and email it to you right now, since it is currently in my wallet. This is exactly what I am talking about with you when it comes to wrong presumptions.

And BTW, you HAVE reached out to me on more than one occasion regarding parking assignments (not in Florida). This has been in another state with monthly rotations between four large hospitals. This goes back 3-4 years ago. Sally originally scheduled these, yet you actually stepped in on more than one occasion asking me to do them given that I've done them on multiple occasions then. You expressed (very vocally) your disappointment then when I couldn't accept them, yet as I mentioned then, I did not believe that the value proposition of what you were offering justified realigning my work schedule to accommodate you. I've emailed you on end (no responses), as well as phone call attempts. Hence my aforementioned comment that I think that your communication is either lacking (my exact comment was that it sucks), or that you have taken a personal slight against me for whatever reason. I really don't know. I've even sent you a very sincere and serious email several months ago. In your typical fashion, no response, no acknowledgement.

Given my experiences with yourself (a mix of both positive and negative), Sally (mostly negative), and Kim M. (all positive), what you are ascertaining doesn't make my experiences any less true. You may be well-regarded my many, yet your actions and correspondence with me over the past few years has been disappointing.

I don't doubt that you are nice, yet you haven't given me that same courtesy for several years now. But seriously, you really have to do better with your communication for ALL of your shoppers, and not a select few.
One more thing, @Lorri Kern KSS. You are more than welcome to call me directly today in accord to come to an accord to resolve our differences. You have my cell phone number. If you cannot find it, I will PM you. I will be working internationally later on this afternoon for a few hours, yet will still take the call.
I have had lots of problems with KSS in Canada as they schedule for Maritz...I do not get any confirmation emails that shops have been assigned and they assign them AFTER the shop has already passed and then remove the shops that were assigned after the due date and then give me citations ! This has happened more than once...and they do not try to work with you to reschedule to fill the shops and then say that you can;t do the shops at all in the same period because of their mistake of assigning it after the due date and for some reason the do not send any shop confirmations to a hotmail account...the only way I know the shop is assigned is because Maritz send a reminder...I have never had problems with any other scheduling company except for KSS...i am already going to the same area they have three high bonused shops and because they gave me a citation because they didn't assign the shops on time now i cannot do the shops...this is not how to work with your contractors to fill shops so everyone is happy....IF Canadians could book shops directly with Maritz I know that more of their shops would be filled as currently the shops sit in requested status for days and do not even get assigned before the shop is due and then the shopper gets a citation....terrible communication ....and no flexibility or understanding at all...
Re the Comcast.net email addy, I get KSSShelly's replies to my comcast email. I find her agreeable and nice to work with.
Please remove the client name from your post. It is an ICA violation and also against the primary rule set down by the owner of the forum. You cannot name both the client and the MSC in the same thread.

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.
@wildherbs wrote:

I get KSSShelly's replies to my comcast email. I find her agreeable and nice to work with.
Shelly is the BEST! Sometimes she bonuses shops for me when I haven't asked for one. Easiest scheduler ever to work for, and one that I'll bend over backward to help.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.

(Yes, I stole Hoju's tagline.)
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