Harland Clarke no longer paying mileage

I just noticed in the most recent shop offer email from Harland Clarke that they're no longer paying for mileage. This is a bummer, since most of their shops are a good distance from me.

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I've only down a few shops for them and the instructions have always had a disclaimer stating that mileage is not always paid.... It could be that they are trying to avoid paying mileage on shops at the beginning of the quarter so that they can better afford to pay it (and bonuses) later.

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I've done quit a few shops for them the last two years and their offer always included mileage. Last year it was 0.36 cents. They clearly are now only going to pay mileage if they can't fill the assignment otherwise. I too was bummed about this change, as well as the apparent reduction in the actual fee they are going to offer.

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The fees will go up when shops are not taken. Just got a few @$50 each that were $35 last week or two, very close to home. Still good fees compared to other MSCs.

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