Bare 1099 email

I received an email today from this company, efile4biz. The email said they were hired to provide 1099s for Bare. It also said the deadline to opt out and get a paper copy was 1/28/19. Why would they give notice on the 30th for a deadline that already passed. I prefer getting a hardcopy. Did anyone receive prior notice?

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According to the IRS, it's an opt-IN policy -- they must have your consent; can't just unilaterally decide. I won't be getting one from BARE, but if it was me, I would email them back (cc:ing Bare) that I do NOT consent to an electronic copy.


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You can also call Bare and talk to the accounting dept. They in the Eastern time zone.

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I did not get my1099 from Bare yet. Have any of you? I did not see the email that the OP got.
@SassyShoppin wrote:

I did not get my1099 from Bare yet. Have any of you? I did not see the email that the OP got.

I did not get it yet either.
iI got an electronic 1099 from athpower and just printed it. The others were all mailed to me. M
Is Intellishop the only MSC that report the whole flat fee as Box #7 Non-Employee Compensation? I have not received any one else. Does Market Force only count fees? Coyle definitely does because I am way over $600 gross with them. How about ACL? I never receive any 1099 from them. Well, they hardly pay any fees at all, but lately, they have offered a few flat fee shops.,

I wish they would all be consistent in their 1099 reporting. And this certainly may curb my doing Intellishop this year.
Hi! I got that email from the third party for BARE maybe the first or second week of January....and they did send me a hard copy of my 1099 which also arrived in my snail mail box about a week ago.
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