Anyone else have this happen Bare payments never deposited, Bank says no deposits ever made, Bare insits they sent them

I hadn't noticed but none of my deposits from when I started working with Bare in July have actually been deposited to my account. I had received emails from them stating each month that payment was sent and would be in my account in a few days. I expected that they would show up but never verified. I know my bad on that one.
I emailed the company. The financial assistant that responded said their records show that the deposits were made, and she sent me a spreadsheet showing the amounts, dates, and other various account info saying each one was reconciled.
I checked my account statements line by line and found nothing from them and no deposits that matched the amounts with a different name just in case they use something else. I emailed the company again letting the person know that I was unable to find the deposits. She responded by sending me my account number and routing number they have on file so I can confirm that they were accurate.
I confirmed the numbers were accurate. I asked now what? I was told to call my bank. So, I called my bank and after a very long time on the phone with my bank I was told they could find nothing ever from Bare International being deposited into my account. I asked for them to check around the dates Bare's spreadsheet said the deposits were made and see if any other companies deposited amounts matching Bare's deposit amounts for those dates. Nothing again.
The banker asked me to hold. Came back and said there was nothing that him or his supervisor could find that would make sense and nothing that they could find anywhere from Bare International in my account. They said I should call back with the Bare financial assistant on three-way so we could all talk and see if maybe there was some error on their end while imputing the deposit.
I explained to Bare's financial assistant what the bank said via email and have had no response in two days. However, every time we emailed up till this point, I had gotten a response really quickly like 1-2 hours after I sent my message.
I am owed like $500 otherwise I might not worry about it. Honestly, I don’t know what to do this is my first time I have ever anything like this happen. Anyone else have experience with this kind of situation? Or any ideas on what I should do next? Any ideas would be very appreciated.

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I don't have the problem with BARE.I have the same problem with a merchandising company that I worked for. My bank went through all the statements that the company sent me that they said came from their bank, showing the deposits and they never came through. My bank contacted the merchandising companies bank and after a lot of going back and fourth, my bank told me to contact the merchandising company payroll person and that they would have to go through their bank themselves and have all of the missing pay that is out there somewhere in "cyper space" recalled back to their bank. And then just have the merchandising company issue me a paper check for all my pay. That was a few weeks ago and I'm still waiting to hear back from the payroll person. My problem is the same as yours, they were very fast in answering my emails and now not a peep from them, no reply to my emails and every time I call it goes straight to voicemail and no phone call returns. Good Luck!
Dang thank you for responding. I almost thought that no one else ever had something like this happen to them. Thank you for letting me know what you been going through. It gives me an idea of what to expect myself. I hope that it works out good for both of us. Keep me updated and I will let you know what happens. But I feel a little bit better hearing your situation. I tried calling earlier today and had to leave a message because I didn't factore in the time zones. I am going to call again in the morning to try again. Thanks agin for sharing and good luck tp you as well.
No, I have never had an issue with BARE deposits. I have worked for them for almost 20 years.
It happened to me with a 25.00 payment and they haven't done anything about it. It has been months.
@shopadam wrote:

It happened to me with a 25.00 payment and they haven't done anything about it. It has been months.
You can call and talk to somebody there.
I seriously doubt that they are holding your $ 25 hostage. They either don't know about it, forgot about it, computer glitch (not marked to pay) or there is an error (job wasn't done correctly and they have no intention of paying). They aren't Hilli-Dunlap. They aren't waiting for you to complain over and over. If it is owed, they'll pay it. I've done tens of thousands of dollars worth of work for them. I've never worried about not getting paid.
I've always gotten paid promptly, accurately and fairly when it comes to Bare. But they still send me a paper check. If there's a way to get paid via Paypal I am missing out on it. Great company and I never have doubts they will pay me.
I have direct deposit with them. I don't think they do PayPal.

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@MsJudi wrote:

I have direct deposit with them. I don't think they do PayPal.

In Canada they pay by cheque and you can request PayPal but it is up to them if they want to pay that way.
I have my BARE account set up for direct deposit but continue to get a check each month. It is so odd. Anyways, the above situation happened with my mom. A MSC insisted they paid via paypal but there was nothing in her paypal. Paypal had to contact the MSC to sort it out - so the bank may need to contact BARE directly to find out what is going on.
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