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Is anyone else having a hard time getting in contact with someone at SR? I have called and emailed multiple times over the last week and can't get a hold of anyone. They used to be my favorite company because I could ALWAYS get in contact with someone.

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I about already know you have but, I am still going to ask. Are you using this contact for them:
The Scheduling Department

I emailed them on Saturday and didn't hear from them until yesterday morning.

Shopping Arkansas, Louisiana, & Mississippi.
SR, in my experience, communicates fairly well...not great, but good. They do have two least for the shops I have done for them... they underpay for the amount of work that needs to be done (what else is new?!) and they pay 2 to 2 1/2 months after the shop is submitted, which, of course, has to be submitted right away or else!
I completed my first assignment for SR in Feb. of 2008 and my most recent work last week. Between those jobs, have been 547 other shops, with nary a hitch. Are they the fastest paying? No, as I receive my money in from six to ten weeks. Are they the highest paying? Again no. Do those no's bother me? Here is my final no. We all have varying hot buttons, with mine being accessibility, value* and clarity. All of which, in my opinion, SR stands out at the pinnacle of MSCs. I frequently contact the company, utilizing their toll free number, seeking work and have never had the slightest problem speaking with an employee.

A few months back, Wine, replying to a post, used a group of letters of which I was ignorant: YMMV. After Googling, I learned the meaning and will now use it for the first occasion-----YMMV as to the value of the shops, BUT, contacting SR is as easy as rolling off a log.

*The absolute finest ice cream on earth and sandwiches that far exceed the norm; both with a report that is commensurate with what I receive.
I know they are short-handed at the moment and one of the schedulers for my shops (I only do one type of shop for them, the only kind they offer in my area) was clueless and I was explaining to HER how the process worked. But contacting them is a piece of cake. I've acquired several direct numbers and I use them. I'll be using one tomorrow since of the 8 jobs I applied for, I only was assigned 4. There are very few other SR shoppers in my area who are willing to drive so far for so little.
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