Question for any NYC shoppers

I’m kind of a new shopper and I’ve been a lot from different shoppers about how they factor in gas/mileage and distance when choosing which shops they should take and for how much.
I currently live in New York and don’t drive at all. I usually take the train to shops that are on my way home for work or a short ride away from where I live?
Any other NYc shoppers have any input on how far they would go for a shop versus rate of pay?

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Tereceag, I work in DC and live in a suburb. Metro will cost me about $4.50 each way from home into the city. All of the shops that I do in the city are walking distance from work.

The shops I do in my home state are in a 20 mile radius from where I live. I won't drive 20 miles for a cell phone shop. I will drive 20 miles for an apartment or banker shop, and I will find a nearby cell phone, bank teller and lunch shop with a fee.

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I live in a suburb of NYC. Because transit fares are high and most shop fees are low, I reserve a bunch of shops to do together to reach my minimum NYC-based daily fee. (I also have a minimum shop fee, too.) I arrive by train to Midtown, and all shops I do are referenced to there. Usually I stay within a 10-15 minute maximum train ride from Midtown. But I won't take the bus or subway anywhere just to do a cell phone or lunch shop, unless it's VERY steeply bonused. Food shops are always add-ons, to have a meal during the day's work.
Susan has the right idea for making money. That is, always do a group of shops on any trip. When I am in Manhattan I like to do a lot of bank shops. Banks are thick on the ground, so, from one subway stop I can walk to several. Throw in a reimbursed lunch or snack and a cell phone shop. That is one nice mini-route. Move on to the next stop for more of the same. Of course, this means that you will need to sign up with a LOT on MSCs to insure that you can build profitable mini routes.

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