Confero Compass, Late Approval of job

I was wondering if anyone has had this happen to them with Confero Compass.

I did a home improvement store job for $32 on Monday, submitted it Monday night and normally the next day I have some minor corrections to the report. Well this time, it still has not been approved or any rating of any sort. I am scheduled to another location (same offer) on Saturday and am nervous about doing this audit as I do not know the issue with the first store.

Should I email the scheduler or let it go?

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Don't stress about it: If you were comfortable with the shop the first time, go ahead and confidently do the next one. Of course, if you had a specific question about the shop that you realized while doing it, ask your scheduler.

It is not uncommon for editing to lag several days (or more) behind when you submitted your shop. Sometimes, lots of folks turn surveys in on the same day. Sometimes editors get the flu. Most of our editors are actually human.

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In my neck of the woods, Confero was scrambling to get some leftover January shops scheduled (the emails indicated tomorrow is the client due date). I grabbed one of them and it was edited that night. That may be why they are taking longer to edit other shops - just a guess though lol

I agree with MF, if you were comfortable the first time, I'm sure you'll be fine.
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