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I did the exact same thing for the exact same ACL was new to me at the time and I wanted to make sure I was meeting their standards.


I think part of it depends on the editor. I remember once doing a shop and submitting about twice as many photos as needed because I figured they would go through and pick the ones they liked the best...and the editor gently chastised me for it, LOL.


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It's hard knowing with ACL since we don't get a score. They send the same form letter after a shop.
Love hte hotel shops. Very easy. /fast pizza shops frustrating for the 1.5 hours I spend for $14.00. Luckily I don;t see them on my job board but if I'm hungry, I'll email the scheduler and will get it assigned
@MFJohnston wrote:

I have just taken a shop with A Closer Look that is completely not part of what I normally do - a grocery shop. However, the scheduler promised that I would see "more shops" than I currently see as soon as I successfully completed one shop for them. She also said that the more I complete, the more shops I will have available to me. She said that I will eventually become eligible to do their hotels shops, which would be useful for my overnight routes.
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@MFJohnston wrote:

I think I over-thought it a bit... At the same time, when I asked for clarification, I was told "more is better." Part of it is that I consider "full detail" to mean **FULL** detail..... If I do one again, I'll keep the narratives much shorter....

@SoCalMama wrote:

@MFJohnston wrote:

Do their grocery shops take a very long time to write up - or did I put too much into it?

Good Lord.
If it's the same one that I do in So Cal, stick to the format. They want 5-7 sentences in a section, for example. That's all they want. Don't go crazy. I practically write those narratives in bullet-point format.
15 minutes tops. Don't over think them. There's no bonus if you write 12 sentences when they ask for 5.

If Jim is your editor, I think he can edit a good report in 5 minutes or less.

Too much detail is MUCH better than not enough detail, and you are NOT limited to the number of sentences in the narrative instructions. They always say a minimum of however many sentences (i.e. a minimum of 5-7 sentences). As the guidelines for most of their assignments say, you are supposed to fully tell the story of your experience. As long as the details are relevant and valuable, they are good to include. On the other hand, you will be contacted for more info and will receive feedback if you don't provide enough detail. You can also get a sense of what is most important to the client (what they would need the most detail on) by the questions in the section. Again, much better too much than not enough - the editor can always delete/condense unnecessary details but can't add important details that the shopper didn't give, since the editor was not there!

Also, rambling and opinions are not details, but I highly doubt you're including those! LOL

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Please read the guidelines. If you have questions, reach out to your scheduler ASAP. Make sure narratives include detail of what happened, and please answer any 'no' responses with supporting comments.
I think writing reports for the other MSC who's known as a stickler for exquisite details helps prepare for ACL and other shops. I just report exactly what I saw to answer the shop questions and am to the point.
I see their mid-level café shop is on the Job Board and emails for the longest time. The bonus is now $20, a rarity at ACL. I guess no one is biting, because even at $20 bonus, the reimbursement is not enough to pay for a Signature cocktail ($15 + tax + tip), 2 entrees and an appetizer, 2 beverages, plus 9.25% tax plus 18-20% tip.
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