MARKET FORCE- Uploading receipts not working (for ME anyway).

Every time I try to upload my toll receipt I get a "Sorry. We are not able to upload your receipt. Please try again later". ...............and I did, again and again and again. Tried using a different browser and even my smartphone to upload it. No joy. It is NOT passed the 5 day limit- it just wont take my receipt. I was able to use this same feature just a few days ago and now it will not work.

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Do you have the time to drop by your local library and upload from there? I never have any trouble with the MF website when I'm at the library -- any public library.
Good idea. Thank you- too late for this time but next time. How do you upload your PICTURE of the toll receipt at the at the library though? I don't think their computers allow me to put a picture on THEIR computer?
Oh, gosh, you're right. I always just pack up my laptop/phone, take it to the library with me. I upload photos from my digital camera to my laptop. I guess if you're using your phone, just submit through eyes on?

However, if you still HAVE the receipt (and I always do!), the helpful folks at the library will scan it for you, or help you scan it.

Thank you, Bill & Melinda Gates, for giving our local libraries this awesome equipment!!
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