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I just found out about this company and applied for a March getaway....does anyone know or worked for them,
any information is helpful and thanks in advance.

Live consciously....

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Thanks, Timeshares are all I see within my range. Do they take ages to assign, I actually wanted to do this job 2 months ago and it's still on the board, so I applied again, we'll see what happens.

Live consciously....
This is the sister company of TNS which is very popular and authentic. I just finished one timeshare assignment this week. I will highly recommend it.
Did you wait a long time to be assigned? I wrote with no answer, can't figure it out.

Live consciously....
Kimberly from ClientSmart replied about this on another thread. She explained how much work it takes to assign shops from the back end.
No, other companies do it...waiting for 2 months for a job that needs to be done and is a couple hundred miles away and has been on the board for a month....please. I need to know so I won't plan anything else and want to do it. Not buying it.

Live consciously....
I applied for my first one and was told it would likely go to someone that has done them before, so I don’t know what to do to get my foot in the door....any other companies have these on the East Coast?
Same thing happened to me, never worked for them before, question being, how to get started?

Live consciously....
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