Is MarketForce a scam in Canada?

I signed up in December and thought they would be great, I did lots of shops for them however I AM YET TO GET PAID. The first check NEVER came. The second check is supposedly coming?

On their site it states CK sent.

I set up my direct deposit however they purposely send a check even though it is now VERIFIED?

I am from Calgary, Alberta and am wondering if they finessed me

I use:[]

I contacted them but the are slow as hell and even sent them a copy of my electric bill to confirm my address.

Is this stalling done on purpose because they are broke? They seem like a company that lies and struggles to pay shoppers.

they owe me about 200 dollars are so far the support people who responded have said generic messages like a check can be reissued on the 15th and that we make sure you did not cash the check due to past fraud?

Sounds like they are the fraud!

How can you take almost 4 months to pay me when you allegedly pay every month? I work for 14 different companies on and off and they and isecretshop (multi agency shop) are the hardest to pay out.

Why do they NOT use paypal and why are they allegedly not sending my money owed despite my bank showing up as "verified" on their system?

I have stopped working for them for now. Can someone let me know if this experience is normal in Canada because I am so frustrated by their bureaucracy and inefficient system.

I even OFFERED to pay for tracking but no response. They seem like scammers. If someone works their please work to resolve this issue.

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I ended up not signing with them because they required a SIN which I refuse to give to an MSC.
MF is a very legitimate company, I have been doing shops for them for years, in Alberta as well.
Isecretshop is a platform not a company, any company I've ever worked for through isecretshop platform pays on time as well.
I have never had a problem being paid my MarketForce. I am in Alberta.

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I no longer work for them because they use bogus excuses to not pay you. Then when you call them on it, they say you are unprofessional.
I have been working with MarketForce for close to 5 years. Other than recently, with the issue with DD in January, I have always been paid in full, in a timely fashion. (Usually well before their posted paid date). That being said, my first ever cheque/check from them got "lost in the mail." They issued me a new one and all has been well with payment ever since. (I went to DD after the second month).

Lady Marius
Canadian Mystery Shopper
Im having the same issue in the US ive worked several asssugnments about 200 abd gave aent several messages to no avail no resoonse except they changed the payment from the 5th back to the 2oth. Well its the 25th and still no check or direct deposit.
This is the first time fir me because they sent me 1 ck in Jan. Now in Feb. nothing and the 20th is gone its the25. So wheres my money have several assignments in March will do them though. Just sad..
I'm in the U.S. I get paid via direct deposit with them and have been with them since 2005 when they changed names (they used to be Shop n Chek). I've always been paid. The last couple of months it was a little later than normal, though.

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They said they sent a check and I have received nothing yet, they allegedly sent the 2nd check, so waiting with crossed hands. I even got a call from one of their agents requesting I do a shop. I said pay me first? winking smiley good thing I work other jobs or else I'd be f*cked however 200 they owe me would be nice. I feel like because they are so large, they have a greater chance to mess up. I see lots of you are paid as you should. That is nice. However for the small minority, the company has screwed us over. Thanks for letting me know. I will continue to harass them and hope this post brings other people forward as I not sure what to do.

I have stopped working for the for now as they seem to not pay properly in Calgary, Alberta. I sent a copy of my electric bill with the address to them. How many heads does it take to screw in a light bulb? You take the guess. How hard can it be to send a direct deposit when their system says approved? odd one MF

I did alot of shops for them, now I have to let OTHER people I REFERRED that they seem to be unreliable, shame cause I enjoyed their shops.

I appreciate the replies. I'm awaiting resolution. If a MF employee can resolve this even better. Have you guys not heard of paypal? They are one of the few MS that I work without paypal. No one has time to wait on checks, for an 'established' company I don't get it.

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I would bet they NEVER read the forum.

I would suggest direct deposit over check to everyone. It sucks you are having problems, I hope it works out and you get paid. I do know that others who get paid by check have had issues, I don't get it though, it shouldn't make a difference other than getting paid a little later than DD. I can say that DD eliminates the problem of a check getting lost in the mail. I wish you the best of luck.
thank you, it was a mistake with the mail. Finally received my checks and my confidence is restored.
now switch to dd if you have not already

Shopping Western NY, Northeast and Central PA, and parts of Ohio and West Virginia. Have car will travel anywhere if the monies right.
I am in Toronto and typically just do two shops with them a month and have always been paid.

Once they emailed me saying I did the wrong location, but told the person to look at the receipt again since I did the right location.
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