Marketforce contact?

Does anyone have a number for Markeftorce that they actually answer? I have a payroll issue. I had a $125.00 shop which turned out to be a closed location. The CPI said I should still get half pay since I went to the location, but they lowered it to $3.00 even though I had to go onsite to find it closed. I've been trying to contact them all morning, but their phone number listed on the cpi appears to be a menu of messages saying to go online or leave a message, which never gets returned.

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Every CPI I have seen indicates closed locations will be paid 1/2 the fee, or $3, whichever is greater. That may differ among clients, but I haven't seen it.
Have you emailed It will take a few days, but they will respond.

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I use

Usually takes 24 hours for a response.

However, if the CPI requires you to call before driving to the location, and you failed to call, they will only pay the $3 fee.

I have to travel often for shops for Marketforce, and I learned the hard way that I MUST make that call! They are not recorded calls, but I make a note of the time I called and who I spoke with, and what they said.

The only times I've called, driven to the location and it was closed, was when I had reached a recorded message saying the location would be open. I then put in the report exactly what the recorded message said, took a photo of the front of the business showing it was closed during the time the message said it was open.

Good luck. Keep us posted.
I think they only pay $3.00 for a closed location. It happened to me once since I had been to that location I did not make the call. When I arrived the store was shut down and I got $3.
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