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Looking to find out if other shoppers have done shops for All Star Customer Service, dba Mystery Shopping Experts. bases in Dallas or Fort Worth Area. They say on their web site that pay 45-60 days after the shop depending upon the client.

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Are they on the iSS platform?

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Can you provide a link to their website, please? Then the local experts can do their thing researching and reporting.

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No, they are not on iSS or on Sassie, they are on ShopMetrics. I have not done shops for them for several years, but they still exist. They are currently soliciting for shoppers who are going to Cabo for a high paying shop (no, not paying to get you there or to keep you there). Here is the link to sign up: []

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I did a time share shop for them in Escondido, Ca on 12/26. It shows in their system that it is Approved for Pay. However, there payment timeline is 45-60 days depending upon the client. It is now way past the 60 days. Can you find more information about when they will pay? Thanks.

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Who wants to spend their vacation in Cabo evaluating a timeshare that is too cheap to pay for them to get there?

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