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I read on previous post that KSS contacts you via email. Have they ever contacted you via text? If so, have they asked you to spend your compensation money to make other purchases before sending out another check? Have any of you purchased gift cards, sent pictures back with description of assignment and kept the gift cards? Letter states wait for further instructions, but i haven't heard back from them other than to spend compensation money for more gift cards. Any feed back would be nice. Trying to see if i'm being played.

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I am not sure I completely follow what you are saying, but this does not sound like the KSS I know. For one, they don't actually send you any compensation as they are a scheduling company, not an MSC. Asking you to spend your compensation before sending you money you are owed is very sketchy. Third, I am wary of any shops that involve purchasing gift cards and I have never heard of KSS advertising any shops that involve the purchase of gift cards.

I don't know everything, but what you describe sounds very sketchy.

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@d_tessier wrote:

Trying to see if i'm being played.

You're being played. What you got isn't really from KSS ( who really is just a scheduling company and not an MSC), it's from a scammer using KSS' identity.
KSS did not send that to you. I got the exact same email with "BestMark" as the MSC. I forwarded this new round of email MSC scams to BestMark - a regional person. Got a response from a scheduler whose response was that these scams have been around for years and that is why they have something on their home page. He did not understand that this is a totally different scam and to some, might sound legit. But it is not!

If you bought giftcards, I hope you or family can use them or you can give them as gifts for holidays, birthdays, graduation, etc. It would be nice if you could forward the email you got to Kern (KSS) and also let Tony @KSS know. He is on this forum when he can. And he is great about addressing issues like this.

Much good luck to you
@FrostyBubbles wrote:

If you bought giftcards, I hope you or family can use them or you can give them as gifts for holidays, birthdays, graduation, etc.

The problem with buying the gift cards for these scammers is that they want the gift card numbers sent to them ..... and they use them! That's part of the scam. The scammed person is left with NOTHING, no fee, no gift cards. Completely out the amount of the check. So if the OP got caught in this scam and purchased the gift cards, using them or giving them away may not be an option.
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