I have been unable to sign on with either the instant account or the micro deposits and I am owed in excess of $500.....any help or ideas. I am very concerned about getting paid after several back and forth conversations by email with the owner of the company. I am told my amounts are not correct and they should be under 10 cents. The main SEPA page states they will be under 20 cents, which they are. Very very concerned! Any ideas?

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Sorry to hear about that. The owner of Sentry posts here so you will be offered help soon. He is very good about responding here.

**Corrected date**


You will be paid for the assignments you completed for our company. Full Stop.

The first request for assistance you submitted to us was on Friday, March 8, 2019, at 5:26 PM. The money you are owed is for assignments completed going back to June 2017(that's not a typo). I've responded to each of your inquiries in a timely manner and I am trying to provide assistance to address the issues you are experiencing. I'm unsure why you believe you are not going to be paid.

In fact, I checked your profile this morning and found your bank was verified so I processed payment for the two unpaid invoices. The third invoice, from June 2017, was paid in August 2017.

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Is the situation remedied? To my knowledge, Sentry has never had any issues paying folks.

@Sentry Marketing
It's great to get the clarification here. However, for clarity, please check the date you were first contacted for assistance: The date you posted is in the future.

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Still no payment........the above comment states it was initiated on the 13th. and is still not showing. Wouldn't the bank have a record that the payment was initiated?
Payment is in transit.

No. Your bank will not have a record of payment until the funds are sent to them.

As is detailed in the messages we sent to you, you will receive an email when the transaction moved into Processed status. This usually takes four business days. With your payments being initiated on the 13th, it is expected that the funds will be deposited into your account no later than Wednesday. It is possible the funds will be deposited into your account on Tuesday morning.

We also sent proof of payment for the assignment that was completed in 2017.
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