Does anyone know how Coyle assigns shops? I applied for a number of shops a few weeks ago for March and April. Nothing. I have done about thirty shops. I score a 100 on the reports. I do not understand their process. I can't keep an entire two months of dates open and not apply for other MSCs in the hopes that Coyle may assign something. Other times, I have applied and been assigned in under five minutes, same type of shops also.

Also, does anyone know if they have a system where the more shops you do, the "better" jobs you see? I have only seen one hotel shop, and got an email this morning where I saw a cruise for the first time.

This company continues to elude me.

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Yea they were difficult to get shops with. I had to email customer service just to get them to assign me to a restaurant shop because they don't answer when you apply for shops.
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