Need Mystery Shoppers Inc. contact.

I did my first 2 assignments for this company 6 weeks ago and they are still "incomplete". I asked a question about filling out one of the the surveys but it was never answered so I did it the way I thought was right. The scheduler asked for clarification so I emailed her all the details but she still didn't understand and never got back with me. Another person (scheduler?) emailed me and told me I needed to complete the assignments so I asked her to help and emailed her all the details. She said she would look into it but she has never gotten back with me. That was 3 weeks ago and she hasn't responded to my emails asking for an update and if she needs anything else. I can't find any contact info on their website. Can anyone help?

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What clarification was she asking for? It would help if we knew what the hangup was about. It sounds like you did have contact with two different individuals, whether they were schedulers or whoever. Could be too late to save this assignment, but maybe we could help you get on the right foot going forward.
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