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So, I was finally paid by Service Sleuth/HS Brands but they seem to be using a different payment system from when I last shopped for them. I now have to download a check using an access code which, of course, I never received. I have emailed the scheduler but can't find any other payroll contact. Anyone else have this experience?

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Yep. You are downloading a check stub, not a check. I found that out today. The access code is 0000.

Something went sideways with their system. In my case, the leading zeros in my routing number caused the payment to get returned.

Can you sign up for PayPal? I had to do that and was assured I would be paid next month.

"Been stuck in the middle of a vendetta between me and myself" -Citizen Cope
PayPal is great until there is a problem.

Last year, I bought an item online and used PayPal. I had to return the item, and PayPal kept rejecting the refund, no explanation. That made my account negative, and they ate up all of my shop payments. The store sent me a refund check, which I sent to PayPal. The whole thing was a nightmare. I use them as a last resort.

"Been stuck in the middle of a vendetta between me and myself" -Citizen Cope
My pay was in my checking account as usual. I just didn't know anything about the pay stub and haven't heard back from them. I used the 0000 and it worked - thank you. I switched over to PayPal. Half my shopping is paid through PayPal, half through DD. I really don't care just as long as I am paid.
I received an email on the 15th regarding payment and the pay stub. I have not received payment, and have emailed the company. I was given an immediate response telling me to check my account. I replied that I had, and that payment is not there. I am waiting on a reply.
I've been waiting for over two months for HS brands payments. They used to pay out on 60th day from shop completion; I'm now told that they are paying 60 days out from the end of the month the shop was completed in? Really getting turned off by a 3 month wait for crumb pay.
I'm at 80 days from the date of the shops. Now I'm getting the desperate emails for the same shops I did in January. Really? Pay me for the others first.
On March 15, I received the notice from NetPay to download my pay stub. I still have not received payment, but on my shopper's portal, it shows paid. I went back and checked the other two shops I did for them last year, and discovered I have not been paid for those either, but on the portal, both show as paid.

When I shopped for HS, I was new, and a hot mess. I had no system in place, and they weren't a company I worked with often. I admittedly dropped the ball. However, I have realized the mistake, and have been trying to correct it all day.

The person corresponding with me has blamed the lack of payment on the switch from PayPal to NetPay, but I never signed up for PayPal, so it should not have been an issue. She keeps telling me that I was paid on the 15th, and "no worries." I have since emailed NetPay directly, but have not heard back. I'm frustrated, trying to educate the clueless as to what's going on. She said she was going to forward the problem to payroll, but has not done so. I have requested I talk to a supervisor, but I have not heard back, as yet. I am beyond frustrated. Her simple assessment that, because it says you were paid, you have your money, equates to the time when my oldest was about 5 years old, and insisted I had to have money in the bank, because I still had checks!
I noticed the status of my pay now says, "Pending". So much aggrevation for $62.

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But it's your $62!

"Been stuck in the middle of a vendetta between me and myself" -Citizen Cope
Ughhhh. Paypal isn't so great as it seems. I keep getting hit with fees from them, this time for $49. Time to possibly switch over to Zelle?
What did they charge you for??

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That's odd, Eric. I've never, ever, ever been charged a fee from Paypal for receiving monies into my account from any MSC or merch company that uses PP.
@guysmom wrote:

That's odd, Eric. I've never, ever, ever been charged a fee from Paypal for receiving monies into my account from any MSC or merch company that uses PP.

Same. I have two PayPal accounts.

#1 Mystery Shopping and transferring money to/from friends. (Never a fee)
#2 eBay, garage sales, swap meets and other online sales (Always a fee)
I've used PayPal for a lot of years and never had a problem. I've returned stuff and had the return credited right away. I use them all the time. I do not use the credit card - I send my payments straight to my bank, or spend them on stuff I want to buy, but treat them as cash.
Guysmom, I set up an account in Paypal for the soccer group I run on meetup. I chose to set up the account in the "business" section. I am not sure of the term as it was several years ago. After my first payment of $5 from one of my players I noticed they took a pretty big bite out of that small sum. I called paypal and was told that since mine was a very small business with fewer than xxx transactions a month I did not have to have a "business" account. They transferred my account over to a personal account and the deductions were never made again. Bottom line..check and make sure you did not inadvertently set up the wrong type of account.
i did a shop for them in early january.. jackie, the accountant is the rudest person i have ever dealt with, i complained to the mspa , got my crappy pay yesterday through paypal.
They're not nicknamed Service Sloth for nothing

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.

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