Unable to search for shops. Marketforce.

Is anyone else having trouble searching for shops or viewing the home page on Marketforce website? I can log in, look at my shops I already have assigned but can’t search for new shops or view that home page. HELP!!

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I checked yesterday and no problem, just no shops available...they only have two here, and nothing at this time.

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You should email Help Desk and ask about this issue. Hopefully, this is just a glitch and you have not been deactivated.
Check that your mail notifications did not get kicked out. Sometimes if an email bounces you lose access to self-assign.

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I just received an email for the burger place, so am doing it Sat..haven't found anything wrong with site, email them.

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I can see shops, though mostly fast casual food shops. I have two grocery stores left to do within the next week (I did 2 of them over the past week).
Sounds like somebody got booted

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@bgriffin wrote:

Sounds like somebody got booted
one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, and four off you go....sorry, coffee time.

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Typical. OP claims to do $2500-$3000 a month with MF.

MF won’t let that go on for very long.
Passive-aggressive business practices. Don't even try to understand why they booted you. Someone got bent, deactivated your account, that's that. I considered it no big loss, and frankly a blessing.
As long as you can do MF shops, just enjoy them while you can. Not a huge money maker but decent pay sometimes.
They do have a local grocery chain here that I will do for reimbursement only, because the shop is so easy. Three departments, no narrative, no names or employee descriptions...takes 20-25 minutes in the store for $15 reimbursement and takes about 15 minutes to submit. I also admit I will do their cheap grocery store that reimburses $6 and $3 pay, only because I am going to shop there anyway. But other than that I won't touch any of their shops without a hefty bonus. I probably only do 5-20 shops a month with them, some months none at all. Maybe that's why they have kept me for so long?
JAS - You are a reliable shopper for them. I don't get the grocery stores around me.

Maybe they keep me around because I spend more on the FF shops than they reimburse.
They don't like anyone to do a LOT of shops for them. I know there have been good shoppers who have gotten deactivated for doing too many shops each month. That might be what happened to the OP.

One of the grocery stores is a regional chain that is only in 2 states. The cheap grocery store flies off the job board and if you aren't quick, they are gone before you even knew they were there.
I expect at some point I will be put on hold from doing certain locations that I frequent but I plan to keep doing them while I can.
I have noticed that if I've done a shop that day for them and don't put it in by a certain time in the evening I can't see new shops until I input that shop. Once I input that shop then I can start seeing the new ones again.
One thing I do know is if they are planning on ending your contract they will disable the search and assign ability.
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