Looking to do more restaurant shops

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I am not anywhere near Maryland, so I claim no specific knowledge of your area. However, folks can be resistant to making any sort of suggestions for MSC's. I can tell you this, there are many, many MSC's that offer restaurants shops - everything from fast food drive-thru, to family restaurants, to fine dining. There is a list of 200ish MSC's linked at the bottom of this page. I suggest that you simply start signing up for more MSC's. I suggest starting with the "15 Most Discussed." You will also learn of several popular MSC's that offer dining shops by simply reading this forum.

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Maryland is a very big state. What type of restaurant shops are you interested in? How particular are you about reimbursement only shops? Are you comfortable writing Comprehensive Chronological Narratives? What area of MD are you looking for shops in?

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ACL has many fast casual and casual table service restaurant in MD, plus a few more upscale. Mostly reimbursement only. Very pleasant schedulers. Flexible dates, for the most part.

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ACL is a great one to try but they rarely pay anything for restaurant shops. I would try Customer Impact, they have some locations and they pay a small stipend, but its something and they are responsive and helpful. Good lucksmiling smiley
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