I'm so happy they picked up 2 new clients in my area. It was always a pleasure to work with them! I was sad when they lost their biggest client, the fast food burrito place. Did anyone else pick up that client?

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Does anyone have a contact email for Ardent, my emails have gone unanswered and I am not sure
if I have the current information. My scheduler does not work for them anymore, and I have been unable to
figure out who to go to. Thank you and congratssmiling smiley
Thank you so much, that is the address that I had before, and I will try again. I appreciate your help, very muchsmiling smiley
Are the clients national? Don't think there is anything new in my area. I have not been asked to go to any new training sessions. Assuming that all their clients require this, at least the burrito one and the burger place does and I did both and now just the burger place. Did the 2 new clients also have training sessions before you could shop them?
@helpmehelpyou Michelle is my contact too. @G3B The burger chain is one of the new clients and the other one is a small chain of 15 restaurants with 3 more opening up just in 2 states right now.
The Burger chain is not in every city so maybe they don't have then where you live. They are still expanding. I just looked at their location map and except for one in the middle of the country they are all in cities close to a coast, ocean or lake.
No, the burger chain is not near me. And I only live near a lake after a very hard rain. sad smiley

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