I shop for Ipsos Australia reviews wanted

Hi all, just inquiring to whether anyone has worked for Ipsos? I have seen elsewhere some unflattering remarks about them regarding unhappy shoppers not getting paid. TIA

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Please use the forum search function and type in the company name. You will see many posts on them.
Do the work right, you'll get paid.
IPSOS is a great company that one does not have to worry about in regards to payment. As long as the job is done in accordance to the guidelines, as is the case with any MSC.

Due to the nature of mystery shopping, every MSC will have shoppers complaining about not being paid. The vast majority of the time, the shopper simply did not follow the guidelines and did not deserve to be paid.

Ipsos is a great company - a favorite for many shoppers. They pay quickly, by industry standards, and very reliably.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
I'm a newbie shopper and I have no complaints about Ipsos. I've done about 15 jobs for them and all were paid promptly. I'm signed up with around companies now and Ipsos is one of my favorites.
That arouses my curiosity. Where did OP find anti-IPSOS postings?

Love, love, LOVE those guys! Great, responsive schedulers, fair pay, clear guidelines, straightforward questionnaire. What's not to love?

smiling smiley
They pay every two weeks, most reports do not require much narrative and wait times at retail stores are reasonable. Scheduling is by application so it can be a wait or hard to fill a schedule from them.

Do not read so much, look about you and think of what you see there.
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My first and most recent experience with IPSOS is their new big gas client. I'm 90% certain that the client is the reason I hated working for them, not IPSOS. The client sucked to work for with their last MSC and they suck even more to work for with this MSC. I don't blame IPSOS.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.
Is the green one the new client? I am doing one of those tomorrow for the first time and I'm a little worried about it. sad smiley
Yeah. The client guidelines are a hot mess... still. Just take a bunch of pictures and cross your fingers. I'm fairly certain that the editors still find the project confusing and overly complicated so you'll be dealing with that after the fact. I took them for twice what they go for on the board and they still weren't worth it.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.
The gas Co. was soooo easy to do with the previous company. We didn't have to have a pic of EVERY pump before.
Hello, thank you for your reply, I am just wondering if you can help me please, I am a new shopper for Ipsos in "AUSTRALIA", are they linked worldwide? and run under the same umbrella? I cannot find any positive feedback. I am a 10 yr veteran of MS and work for many amazing MSC, however, I have had some very negative experiences with some other companies and would like to know they are reputable and pay their workers. Thanks so much, any help would be appreciated.
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