Measure Consumer HS Brands payments

And there are 3 more data points in this thread of people that got paid on the 60 days + schedule.

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Speculation about financial problems; otherwise they would not be the company that takes the longest to pay of all of the 25 or more companies I work for. I thought Strategic Reflections took a long time, but they are a tad bit faster than HS.
I'm showing 5 shops with them over the last year. 4 of the 5 paid within 2 months.

The 5th is still open as I did it a little over a month ago. I'm expecting to see payment within a couple of weeks.

I'm fine with their payouts. The shops are relatively easy, and the merchants provide services that I'm glad to consume.

And I do tons of shops for Cirrus, so anyone who pays in less than 3 months without my having to chase them sometimes is OK by me.
I got paid yesterday by direct deposit for a shop on March 5. I actually wasn't expecting it until the end of the month based on the guidelines: Payments are submitted to PayPal approximately 60 days after the last day of the month in which they were shopped.

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I did a $15 shop for HS Brands on April 15th. I still haven’t been paid it’s been 91 days and counting....

I won’t be doing shops for them again.
i did a bunch of mcp shops in 2012 and i got paid fairly quickly but i recently did a shop early may and still have not paid yet for that shop..
There are numerous people, in different threads, posting that they have done shops in April and still have not gotten paid as of today by MCP. Shame on them. There is no excuse to making shoppers wait long past pay due date for their pay. Very unprofessional.

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May 3rd shop and the log says "pending" on the 21st of August. So, June 30 days, July 31 days, August 21 so far. Over 82 days past the end of the month shopped and nothing in my bank. Including the month shopped would be 117 days total since the evaluation was completed. Sigh. Think I will just go to the restaurant when I feel like it and forget the pay and reimbursement. I do love their sundaes though.
Finally got paid today, the 28th of August for a shop on the 3rd of May. Around 89 days after the end of the month shopped. Many days after the posted date of "Payments are submitted to PayPal or direct deposit approximately 75 days after the last day of the month in which the project was completed." I'm done.
I did a shop for them on 8/10/19 and still have not received payment. I dont know how to reach them to even ask.
Not happy!!

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Hi @Lsshoper, you'll probably get paid early December for your shop in August, if they are following the pay schedule that they sent me. (Some people who do a lot of shops for them get paid sooner, but not much you can do otherwise.) I did a shop in July and I received the money Nov 6th. Hope this helps!
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