I have been a mystery shopper for over 16 years. I have, literally, completed hundreds of shops for most mystery shop companies, I have never encountered such nonsense from a company like CHC Solutions. I did a shop for this company, after being begged by MH. Not only didn’t she pay me for my shop, but someone changed my report, resulting in less reimbursement! She did, however, let me know that her client ACCEPTED my report! Seriously! This is the third time this has happened. If you look across this forum, as well as doing a Google search, you will find that this is not an isolated incident! When you talk to others in the area, they all have the same complaints. Low pay, not being paid on time, inconsistent editing.....the list is endless! If I were you, I would Run FAR, FAR away when approached by this company! You’ll be money ahead if you seek shops elsewhere!

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There are several good discussions about this MSC here. They are on my 10 foot pole list.
They have always treated me fairly and paid on time. Included staff interactions and overnight stay.
Sorry you have had a bad experience. As I have noted in other threads, I also no longer shop for them and have not for a number of years - in fact they are one of three companies that I refuse to shop for and are on my ten-pole list. I do know others that do continue to shop for them, so some people are able to make it work, but it is well established that this company tends to be one of the more likely "ten-foot pool" MSCs for a variety of reasons.

I cannot remember the last time (if ever) that a shopper posted glowing reviews of CHC Solutions. It seems to be a mix of negative (didn't get paid or shorted reimbursement, poor communication from company owners/schedulers/editors, inconsistent or unclear instructions, etc.) and acceptance (treated fairly, paid on time, no notable issues).

To someone considering working with CHC, I would suggest that you start small and proceed cautiously. Do not jump into high dollar/complicated shops right away until you get a feel for how they work and their style. Do not let them "pressure" you into bundling shops together (they do this very aggressively - once you agree to one, they beg you to take another that is "close by"winking smiley unless you are confident that it will not place undue strain or stress. The combination of pressure combined with complete unforgiveness if something goes sideways, and disrespectful communication is a complaint that I have heard often about this company.
I did a few casino shops for them. The casino is literally down the road from my house, and at that time, my mother and I were going regularly. The report was tedious, and took a couple of hours, but it was easy enough. I had to complete all of the shop requirements before I could enjoy my time and do any real gambling, as any winnings over the $60 pay during the shop had to be returned.

There was a really bad fire that came within a few miles of the casino. We were experiencing high winds, the sky was black, and there was ash everywhere. I had a shop at the casino that night, but there was no way I was going to venture anywhere near its direction. There was an advisory warning residents to stay inside, because the ash and debris was so thick. I live two miles from the casino, as the crow flies, and the neighborhood was on alert, and ready to evacuate, in the event that the winds changed directions, and headed our way.

I sent an email to the scheduler asking if I could reschedule. She emailed me back, saying she was in a bind, as I was also scheduled for a shop at the same casino a few days later. She gave me until the following day, and told me to email her as soon as the shop was completed. I sent pictures of the area where the casino is, and let her know that there was no way that I could do the shop, and that there was the possibility that the casino wouldn't be standing the next day. The pictures clearly showed that there was no visibility. She refused to budge, even after I explained that I was taking my family to stay with friends for a few days, because both of my kids, and my mother have asthma, and were seriously affected by the fire. She wasn't concerned about anything but her shop, and she refused to accept that there was no way it was going to get shopped by the following day.

I cancelled both shops, and told her to deactivate my account. She couldn't empathize and understand that I was in fear of losing my home to a fire, and I had no desire to have any further contact with her.
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