How Do Amusement Advantage Reports Compare?

I’ve been avoiding a few companies, like Coyle, because I’ve read that their reports are extensive, narrative heavy, and can be difficult.

One of my first shops was with Amusement Advantage. The report took me twice as long as what was estimated, and I missed the deadline by about an hour. I cried!

The editor had a lot of questions, because I missed several key details. She was very supportive, and patient, and suggested I try another shop, once I recovered from the shock. Surprisingly, I received a 94% on that first report.

Since then, I have done several more shops for AA, and while I’m usually doing the reports in the wee hours, when I’d rather be sleeping, they’re much easier, and don’t take as long. I figure if I can get through those, I should be prepared for just about anything.

How do AA’s reports compare to companies like Coyle? I’ve finally applied, and I’ve decided that I’ll be jumping in with both feet in June, once my kids are on summer break.

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I have done about 5 or 6 shops for them. You do get better with each report since you know what they expect the next time. Yes, the reports are long spanning over several pages. I always take a couple in the summer when I have more time.
I prefer Coyle reports to AA. I have an upcoming shop with AA and I'm regretting requesting it.
The bowling shops aren't bad. Set aside some time if you visit an aquarium. And, get a map. Actually, study the map of the aquarium/museum etc before you go because you will need to visit 25 places and it's like where's Waldo. The pay was not bad for those and I would do them again, but my husband will not go until summer.
I've completed many shops for AA over the past five years; the reports do get easier with time and the support is outstanding. I haven't done a shop for Coyle in a long time so I can't give a fair comparison.
I don't like the AA platform that requires you to fill in an entire section before saving. My work is interrupted by kids needing something a million times and the ability to save at any second is important to me.

I've done water parks, amusement parks(big rollercoaster parks), bowling, aquariums, science museums and tourist destination stuff (think Chicago World's Fair location). I have done several hotels and fine dining for Coyle and think AA is by far easier in terms of detail and writing style.

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I agree with Niner and lucky girl. I have only done one shop for Coyle. It was a retail shop with a $15 fee and no perks at all. No food, sleepovers, beautiful spots with pools and spas,. A Coyle starter shop. Just a dept store where i had to make an inquiry. I never did one again. I have done quite a few AA over the years. Yes the reports are lengthy in pages but I find them to be quite easy to do. They are straightforward and tell you all you need to check on in order to fill them out. This company is the only one where I make a printout of the cheat sheet page and carry it with me. Most of the amusement places have benches to sit at where you will never be noticed on some little frequented path you need to take to get to your next location. When you find yourself fairly alone you can pull out your cheat sheet and check it out. Those reports in my estimation have absolutely no comparison to a Coyle report. They are like apples and oranges both being fruit.
@Niner wrote:

Which ones have you done for them? (General, since we can't name clients)

So far, I’ve done a major theme park, a beach side family fun center, several larger family fun centers, and a zoo.

I like the way the AA directions and reports are laid out. They’re easy to follow, and very orderly. In the beginning, all the narratives took me forever to get through, but I’ve learned to do what I can on site, and then finish up when I get home.
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