I was disavowed by Marketforce like many others. My sister was also because of the same Internet IP address.

Has anyone ever gotten reinstated? If so, how?

As bad as it sounds, I miss the food and phone "filler shops" I used to do for them.

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I've been deactivated more than once. Fortunately, I had developed relationships with several superb schedulers, and they went to bat for me. So far, I have been reinstated every time.

Not the ONLY reason to develop a relationship with schedulers, but high up on the list!

And one of these days, I'll be deactivated again -- and won't get reinstated!

sad smiley

Of course, part of it depends on WHY you were deactivated. A shopper who (for example) pulled a photo off the WWW and submitted it in a report doesn't have the proverbial snow-ball's-chance-in-hell of ever being reinstated.

In my case, it was very helpful to be the only shopper within 100 miles.

smiling smiley

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What are the reasons shoppers are deactivated?

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Messing up on shops is one (even just accidentally uploading the wrong photo or receipt), having more than one shopper in the same household and perhaps using the same computer, having too many shoppers in any given region, a shopper who does too many of the same kinds of shops, shopper being recognized by a client, or--just because they feel like it.
.... a shopper who does not do enough shops....

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Husband and I have shopped with MF for years. We have different names, email addresses, bank accounts, computers, and SSNs. As our physical address is the same, so is our IP. Neither of us has been deactivated.
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