TrendSource Job Postings Schedule?

Does anyone know if TrendSource has a set time they post available assignments i.e. 9am, 12pm, 5pm or are available assignments randomly posted throughout the day?

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I do their business verifications and I-9s and find they post whenever they get the request - no set days or times. I do not do any others for them so have no idea if they have a set day/time they post
I believe the groceries are posted the 1st. of the month, but go fast.

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The grocery shops do go fast. I was wondering if they have a set time for posting open jobs say at 9am, 12 pm and so on. It seems grocery shops tend to post in the afternoons (I’m on east coast) whereas property inspections post usually earlier in the day.
I see grocery store stops every week about Thursday - wanting to know if you want to make some money on the weekend. I personally do not like to do grocery shops (I even use Instacart! LOL). But each week there seems to be a bunch offered - at least in the Phoenix area - I saw some new ones posted today

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They give pad for the out of the way ones, I do groceries in my town only an don't do them during the week, too crowded, four to eight not good hours for me.

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In my area, it's inconsistent but usually Wednesday or Thursday for the grocery shops. The time of day varies. They are based in CA, and I believe their office hours are 7:30-4:30 PT during the week. I don't know if that helps you. It would definitely be logical for it to be afternoon/evening (not morning) ET though.

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