Not paid for IPSOS job, no response to emails

I am having trouble with a single unpaid shop with Ipsos. This was an unmanned gas station, where I just had to take two photos. I drove 200 miles to do two unmanned gas stations for them, and was assured that I would be paid the full fee for submitting the two photos each of the two unmanned stations.

One was fine, but the other was listed as "hold pay." I was never contacted or given a reason for this. I have emailed the scheduler, Julia, several times and she said she contacted the project manager and would get back to me. She never got back to me, so I emailed No response.

I also emailed Nicole Charron. Again, no response. I have completed hundreds of shops for Ipsos and am shocked at the complete lack of response by their employees. Has anyone else had this problem? It has been over a month since the job was completed.

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I wish I had a suggestion for you. I have a small pile in my unpaid folder from this MSC for not paying the stated go-to fees on closed locations over the years. A few months ago they paid out on a job but not the reimbursement that I can't get them to explain or fix. They are a great company to work for until things go wrong like this.
If you search the job section, there are a few schedulers who post here often from ipsos. Maybe one of them can offer assistance. Hoping for a positive outcome for you.
Recently, Ipsos got the contract for the blue bank. They require very specific photos of info one receives at the bank, and suddenly, the blue bank changed what it was issuing to prospective customers. So, for a day or two, it was impossible to submit the correct data. Ipsos quickly corrected their requirement, but if the shopper waited past midnight to submit the report (remember, the correct info was not available to photo and submit), what was received was a "hold pay" comment in the shopper's pay history. I sent an urgent inquiry into Ipsos, and they said they were going to respond, but did not. I am out payment for 7 visits. In matters like this, and when anything occurs that is out of normal, Ipsos usually fails, and simply reverts to not paying.
I don't see IPSOS listed in the giant list of payment schedules for companies. They use PayPal, right? When do they typically pay?
I had this happen. The scheduler said, "Hold your horses." That ended my interest in working on that project, especially since I knew I did nothing wrong. Then, out of the blue, about five weeks later, I received payment.

I was glad to get paid but remain unhappy with the attitude. I now check status every single day.
On each shop, especially the one you list, if you click on the details, there are several names of schedulers you might reach out to for advise.
Are there any other companies out there that can be busy like Ipsos?. Ie looked at a whole bunch but Ipsos and Intellishop seem to be the only 2.
Intelleshop is wonderful. They pay like clock work. Also, they offer decent pay and bonuses. I especially like working with Shannon Scarberry she is really great.
As far as Ipsos. Their pay is so low it has to be a joke. 12 for an on site bank job? They have got to be kidding. Not me, thats for sure.

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@Leeliastewart wrote:

Intelleshop is wonderful. They pay like clock work. Also, they offer decent pay and bonuses.

I'll have what she's having!
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