Secret Shopper said in 2015 I cancelled a shop...

I saw a shop posted on jobslinger with that I was interested in. I was unable to log in, so I reset my password. I then was given an error message, saying my credentials wouldn't allow me to log in. So, I emailed support, and ask if they can assist. I get the response that it is secret shoppers policy, "•Any new Shopper canceling or rescheduling their first shop will be dropped." Therefore I have been deactivated. Well, I couldn't recall flaking, so I asked when was this? I get the response, 2015!

I guess when I was first starting out as a MS I flaked for whatever reason, and secret shopper still is holding it over me. Well, since I haven't done any jobs for them in 4 years, I guess the pain of deactivation doesn't sting too much.

Anyone else have this happen to them?

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I have not, but there have been other complaints about this with Secret Shopper. Secret Shopper does deactivate any shopper who flakes, cancels or fails on their first shop.
De-activation can happen to anyone if the company has there rules in place, and once you are de-activated, you may not get back in, time doesn't seem to matter. I was de-activated for something I did 10 years ago from a very well spoken about company on the forum, and they will not re-accept me, however, they have no jobs near me, so maybe it was because I didn't work enough for them. Just move on, many other companies out there.

Live consciously....

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