marketforce locked shops.

I have been trying all day to schedule shops for marketforce. Every shop says it is locked by another shopper. What is up with this. I have never seen it before on every shop.

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I'm not positive, but it might be when they sent out an email offer and they are awaiting a response. I've never seen it done with more than a handful of shops, though.

Shopping the South Jersey Shore
I saw a similar message for every single shop for one particular client. The message said the shop was locked by either another shopper or by MF. I gave up after seeing the same message on about half a dozen shops for the same client. It wasn't even worth it for me to try to contact the Help Desk about this since there were many more profitable shops elsewhere. I was just trying to add on a shop or two from MF close to a shop for another MSC I was doing yesterday.
the ones that I have noticed for me at least that are blocked where by the client ended up being because I had did this exact shop/location 2 months prior and I guess there was a set time limit between shops. I was unblocked the middle of the month, and actually did one of these "blocked" shops again this past month and at a nice bonus for only traveling 5 miles from home.
I am seeing this message "The shop records are locked by another Shopper or MFI Employee. Please select another shop" for three different types of shops. I am wondering if it is an error or something personal? I can assign the fast food shops however. Thanks for any insight.
I noticed a quick fuel shop was locked and the next day I was able to assign the shop but, it is now listed as an audit. This is not the 1st time I have had this issue!
A couple of months ago I saw this for one particular client. I was not certain if I had done too many for this client within a window of time. It was like that for days. Then they all became unblocked.
I am not certain if it is a matter of rotation or the client having a hold placed on the board. But that seems odd because I see shops there one day, gone for a few, then return. So why would it be locked if they could just remove it for a few days anyway?
I think a shop is locked when another shopper selects the shop but hasnt yet confirmed acceptance. They still have to answer the questions, look at guidelines, select a date, etc. If they decide to not accept the shop, it becomed unlocked. Schedulers might also do the same.
@jewel1233 wrote:

The shops that were locked yesterday are unlocked today! I think a system glitch?
Yes, it was a system glitch. No way that all 10 shops I looked at were locked. They are all fine as of 2-3 days ago.
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