Welp, ACL is being investigated by the California Dept of Industrial Relations

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I can comment on one aspect of something. We have multiple IC businesses. For one, we drive close to seventy miles per day almost every day. One day per week, we only drive about ten (or eleven, depending upon the day). If I shop locally, I rarely work and drive only a couple of miles. If I shop at the end of the beloved wide open spaces (and in the process, get my personal happinesss), we drive anywhere from one hundred to five hundred miles.

This is because we are rural, have chosen specific work for the early job, and love the wide open spaces. I do not recommend this. I merely enjoy it (and save money constantly for new tires!).

I know you're gonna complain and say I'm picking on your or whatever, but I have an actual honest question. I skip over 99% of your posts without reading them. I do it because your posts are hard to understand. And I don't mean in an intellectual way (although if I'm being honest I think you try to sound like an "intellectual" whenever possible). Almost every post you talk in circles and riddles and use a lot of words to say mostly nothing. I'm just curious why? Obviously you are free to post however you like, just like I'm free to skip over your posts. But it is curious to me and I was wondering if you could explain it? If not that's fine too. Was just a question.

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@bgriffin wrote:

Almost every post you talk in circles and riddles and use a lot of words to say mostly nothing.

I'm not really one who has a right to complain about not being on topic, but I gotta agree and wonder what on earth that particular rant has to do with the topic. Any topic discussed here, that is. I mean..we were talking mileage deductions, I guess.
I dont think that mystery shopping company practices and procedures have been evaluated by a major governmental body nationwide or in a high population state in decades. Had they done so the gradual "creep" that has been progressing over the years, where increasingly shoppers are hired to perform tasks unrelated to customer service evaluation, with lower and lower pay and increasing amounts of work.

Despite having signed IC contracts, the State of California may decide to declare those contracts unenforceable, contrary to public policy (minimum wage laws, workers comp regulations, welfare and public assistance laws, health care access, even uneven wealth concentration).

(Edited to add a few public policy issues.)

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I have some info on the letters. I got one too. It has to do with w2 employees not ics. I have never had any issues with any jobs, been paid on time and for full amount promised. I do know my scheduler had to do some work on vacation to finish closing out the open jobs. I plan to keep doing shops for them until something changes. You get nice bonuses for taking a last minute job someone else missed.
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