Real glitch on MarketForce website? Help, please!

I'm trying to report a shop I completed today. Did all of it just fine, right up to signing CPI. Signed it, got a message "Please sign CPI AFTER submitting your shop".

WHAT? Submitting is the NEXT step, and it won't let me continue to the next step! I cannot submit the report!

I have written HelpDesk, but there won't be any answer today -- not until well after the report becomes past due.

Any ideas, suggestions?

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This has happened to me several times. I always email help desk and they fix it. They don't count it late if you email them before it was due.

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So, I get up this morning and first thing, go straight to Marketforce.

Shop is GONE. Not "Incomplete", but also not on the Receipt Status page. Just GONE.

So called the scheduler; she fixed it, I got report submitted.

Another good reason, folks, to cultivate relationships with schedulers!!!!
I use the App for the most part. When something is not working 100% as expected, I will get on my Laptop, or otherwise use the browser via my phone, and access the report from their website. This usually gets me past/through the issue.

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