"SeeLevel HX" not included in Forum's official list of MSC

Are they new? Formed as part of a merger? Did they have a previous company name? Thanks.

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About three years ago they changed their name to "SeeLevel." I know their previous name is on the list... For some reason, I can't seem to remember it....

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When starting I did so much work for Beyond Hello (loved them) now I say Beyond Goodbye.....

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I don't know what to think of this company, one time I applied for a shop and they said I had to pass a mandatory test (it gave you only 3 tries). I did not pass and emailed the scheduler she was so unhelpful and pretty much brushed me off. I really wanted to do the cellphone shops but I was not helped. I gave up and deleted my account. I do not know what to think, I would reconsider shopping them because I see their shops frequently but bad experiences are hard to forgive for me. Do they pay fast and with a name like See Level, I don't know sounds goofty.
@Irene_L.A. wrote:

When starting I did so much work for Beyond Hello (loved them) now I say Beyond Goodbye.....

Same with me. I did a bunch of work for Beyond Hello. Now I hardly pick anything up from See Level. And @Mysteriousways, I agree. The name sounds goofy smiling smiley
I have done about one shop a year for them. Just last week they had a $10 bonus on a $15 shop. I asked for another $5 and they agreed. That shop took forever. I wrote the scheduler a note about the issues I had that made the shop forever long. She was extremely nice and had already sent me two notes of thanks for doing the shop and then sent another hinting that she knew that shop could be difficult time wise and again thanking me profusely. The other two shops I have done have been worth it. I do not recall having to take a test for those but if you see shops you like in your area I would try again. I always thought that some msc had very low standards for shoppers, especially when they actually have a test and then help you pass it. Most msc allow another chance on tests if you wait a certain number of days. There are always rotten apples in every barrel and you might have gotten the rotten one for this company. I got the sweet and good apple when I contacted them.
My issue is not knowing whether to file my folder for this company under B for Beyond Hello or S for See Level so I can find it in future. If these companies stopped changing names it would be so much easier to remember who they were. At least if they kept their new name in the same letter of the alphabet it would be better.

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Like a lot of MSCs they have 1 shop I like and a lot of shops I'm not interested in.

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based on [www.mysteryshopforum.com]
maybe file under Mystery Researchers ?? That's the reference in Paypal.

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