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Hello, I completed 2 shops for Market Force on May 10th. Both shops were approved and had been sitting in the My Shops area since then. Today I went to check the status and I do not see anything at all. No sign of any shops being done, nothing in the payment history or shops history. I also checked to see if anything was pending in my bank account and nothing is pending. Has this happened to anyone else? I hope they are paying me for my shops.

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Not to worry. Did you check the link “view assignment/status page” link under the my assignments tab? You should see your completed shops there. The link is on the top of the “my shops” page. May shops will be paid in June toward the end of the month. Direct deposits a few days earlier than checks.
Yes, nothing is there anymore. Neither is anything showing in the payment history. There is nothing indicating that any shops were done!

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The completed shops are in the "status" page for approximately 30 days or so. For example, I can no longer see my earlier May shops in my status page.
Thanks everyone. I was told by someone at MF help desk that I will not see anything on My status page again until the payment is sent.
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