Shopping In Worcestershire/Birmingham

Hi all, ive mystery shopped for around 10 years but after moving to a town in Worcestershire I dont seem to see many shops in my local area, can anyone recommend any companies that I dont already shop for?

Marketforce, Tern, Servelegal, React, Ipsos, bare Internation, HGEM, Service Scan, experior, Coyle, Presto, Field Agent.......

Any help would be greatly appreciated, im down to maybe 2 or 3 shops a month in my local area, used to be doing 20. Missing these freebies!

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Hi Viv,

This is a predominantly US forum so I don't think you'll get a lot of luck around here, but have you considered joining the "Mystery Shopping UK Forum" and the "Mystery Shoppers Hideout UK" groups on Facebook? These are groups that focus on Mystery Shopping work in the UK.
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