CFA Marketforce Incentive

I've only done one other shop for them.

Scheduler called me back with the approval of an incentive. The amount was very clear to both of us.

In my list of shops only the base pay shows. Do I need to follow up or is this typical?

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What is CFA?

If your CPI shows only the base pay, get it straightened out before you do the shop.
Certified Field Associates. It's Marketforce but it's not. It's like the two companies merged but CFA work is listed on a completely different website.

I just sent them a message. I didn't want to bother anyone if I didn't need to but it's not worth chancing it.

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FYI: They updated the rate amount to include the bonus. So the amount listed there is important!
Always get your bonus amount in writing, and keep the email or screenshot until you're paid. Love, Night Owl at 3:20 am
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