Ipsos advertised URGENT shops, but few are scheduled

Hello. I am wondering what the logic is for Ipsos sending out URGENT emails for shops that have to be done TODAY and offering big bonuses but when I sign up I never get a confirmation for the shop. I could understand if someone else got the assignment instead of me, but when I look at the list of locations that need to be shopped, I notice that my location and most of all the other locations are not scheduled either. Then the next day the same URGENT email with higher bonuses offered for the same job and location. What is up with that? Thank you.

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Not sure which shop you are talking about but they had 3 pages (over 100) of a shop local to me due today. They first showed up two days ago on their website. Why did they wait so long to advertise them? I applied for 2 and got them. Then I cancelled one because the place of business did not seem to exist in my full internet search. In any case I wrote the scheduler two days ago with questions and again yesterday offering to apply for some for after today. So right now at 6 PM there are still at least 30 of them still left and all are due today. I never heard back from the scheduler. I would do some more as they are easy but do not want to apply for them due today and find I will be assigned for today tomorrow. I wish they would change the date. Not sure if I can just write a new date in for my availability but I might try that. And why doesn't the scheduler reply? I have not had issues with the schedulers I usually work with.
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No the job I am speaking of it to check a local retailer to see what sort of financing plan they offer. They are looking for one particular brand. I did one yesterday. I was in the store for less than 5 minutes. The report literally took me about 10 minutes and I am slow. The pay was quite nice.
I remember seeing these shops. They looked really interesting and I was about to sign up for a few. But the timing was off. There were pages of the shops, but all were due like the same or next day.
Question for Ipsos shoppers. Just recently when I sign in there is a choice between shopmetrics and sassie. Is there a difference in what shops you see through the different portal? Or do they report differently through one or the other? I am not signed up with GFK so the sassie connection needs me to sign up and if they are both the same shops I will not bother. thanks.
Has anyone done the all day audits for a discount big warehouse store? Says you have to have a Tablet. If you are entering data all day how do you keep your tablet from running out of charge?
Yes, there is a difference. The Sassie platform is for shops from Ipsos-GFK. The Shopmetrics platform is for shops from Ipsos. The Shopmetrics shops show up for me on the Ipsos app. The Sassie shops do not and have to be submitted through the Sassie platform. They are different shops, with different pay rates, locations, etc. If you want to see all of them, you will need to sign up separately on both.
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