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Ok Marketforce. Where is our monthly update about payment for shops completed in April??

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No news is good news?

Personally, I wouldn't look for an update until the last day of their payment range. Until then, I would assume it is going to be ontime.
Just thought I would share the response I got from the help desk about when direct deposits would be posted for shops completed I’m April. I just cut and pasted this from the email...

Please note that there is no set date for payments. Shoppers are paid once a month for all assignments performed in the previous month. Assignments performed in April are paid out on or around May 20th – 25th. Direct Deposits may be, but are not guaranteed to be posted a few days before that. Thank you and let us know if you need further assistance.
I would only expect MarketForce (or any MSC, for that matter) to post an message about payments when there is some deviation from their stated payment policy.

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I don't undersand why every month MF is put on blast about their payments. In the decade plus that I've done work for them, I have only had one issue with a missing payment and one late payment (a month or so ago) and they always put out a message that it is going to be late. It is nice to get paid early, but it doesn't mean that when they pay on time that they are late. You might like what they pay, how they pay or when, but it's all out there in the open and you can either decide to do work for them or not. It's up to you.

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I did not put them on blast. I simply shared a response to a question I see people asking every month.
@gocrazy4801 i don't think it was meant about you. I think it was mean't about this question that was originally put out there. Every month people start looking for payment early.
@gocrazy4801 It wasn't just directed at you, but as you indicated, it's a post/question that you see every month.

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They used to post that they would pay between the 15th and 20th. This company must be having cash flow problems.
@deedee73 wrote:

They used to post that they would pay between the 15th and 20th. This company must be having cash flow problems.

Yeah, you said that 8 weeks ago too, yet, they still pay everyone, every month.

Do you have cash flow problems? I do not know. Why would you know if MF has cash flow problems? There's no sense in posting falsehoods.
Same here...paid today for all my April shops. It was nice when MF paid around the 12th-15th. Not a big deal that they pay between the 15th-20th. Doesn't mean they have cash flow issues...maybe they realized interest for another few days was more important winking smiley

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i personally don’t think MF is having cash flow problems. I have seen a few contracts they have with some of the major burger chains and they make a significant amount not only per shop, but per set of shops. I can only imagine that they have similar contracts with other companies.

That being said, my guess is that they switched payment vendors or payment software. Some of the new programs run the data and provide companies the most optimal time to clear the payable account. They could also stagger their payments across a time frame.

That being said, I got paid on 5/20 for my shops. I have been shopping for MF for about 5 years with no complaints about timeliness of pay.
Just because they make a lot of money per client, it doesn't mean they are a well run company. There are plenty of people and companies who make a lot of money, yet can't keep their heads above water due to bad decisions. A new payment vendor does not explain the reduction of shops and declining regular shoppers normal bonuses.
Hello, I completed 2 shops for Market Force on May 10th. Both shops were approved and had been sitting in the My Shops area since then. Today I went to check the status and I do not see anything at all. No sign of any shops being done, nothing in the payment history or shops history. I also checked to see if anything was pending in my bank account and nothing is pending. Has this happened to anyone else? I hope they are paying me for my shops.
Not to worry. Did you check the link “view assignment/status page” link under the my assignments tab? You should see your completed shops there. The link is on the top of the “my shops” page. May shops will be paid in June toward the end of the month. Direct deposits a few days earlier than checks.
Yes, nothing is there anymore. Neither is anything showing in the payment history. There is nothing indicating that any shops were done!

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The completed shops are in the "status" page for approximately 30 days or so. For example, I can no longer see my earlier May shops in my status page.
Thanks everyone. I was told by someone at MF help desk that I will not see anything on My status page again until the payment is sent.
I just checked the Market Force payments for May shops. They have my payment as $39.75. I'm owed over $200 for shops I did in June. They better update that. Check your payments for June.

I just noticed most of my shops I completed in May are not on my list of completed shops. I keep a spread sheet of all of my shops.

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I have all my receipts and pictures of shops I did in May. ALL of them were approved. Now most of them are not even on my list of competed shops. They're gone.
A couple shoppers have reported receiving partial payments for May.

Any one else?

My account doesn't show any payment yet for May shops.
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