is there a legitimate company called "Storecheckers?"

Twice I have received emails from "" This time it was from "" Is this a legitimate company?

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I Googled the company and it appears the company is legit. Perhaps the company got my email address from MSPA.
I did a job for Storecheckers this past Monday. They were good with correspondence right up until the Friday before the assignment. They had confirmed my appointment time at the testing center and the actual testing center called me to remind me of my test. I emailed the scheduler to advise her of this. I attended, passed the test actually but was not required of course, submitted the report using the links the scheduler provided via email. Report was supposed to be within 48 hours. I had it done and submitted within 3 hours of the assignment completion. Checked the Storechecker website, logged in to confirm that the report was submitted and found no updates whatsoever on my job. I emailed the scheduler informing her of everything. No reply. Sent another yesterday....nothing. Sent one this morning. I politely stated that I expect some sort of confirmation via email that they have received my report if their website has issues with updating information. Even the “training video” I was required to do does not show on the site. They requested I take a screen shot of the training video saying “complete” in the email correspondence sent to me that advised me of my scheduled shop date and time. I did it exactly as instructed. I’m leaving this matter until next Wednesday. If I have not received any reply from the company by then I will be contacting the RCMP to file a report of possible fraud. My most recent email to the supposed “scheduler” stated this quite clearly. I’m not terribly concerned of being blocked by the company as I don’t do these shops for my primary income. I do get quite frustrated with all of these companies that treat you professionally and are appreciative of you for accepting the job and then once you have done the work, in good faith, conveniently become unavailable when you have a legitimate inquiry regarding PAYMENT for WORK you did for their company. Just wanted to share my experience with “Storecheckers UK”. Don’t think they are scammers but they may be a company that don’t respect the work that we do and treat their “Shopper’s” like doormats instead of assets to their company. If it weren’t for all of the mystery shoppers who work hard and strive to do their best work, they wouldn’t really have a business would they?
If you want to shop for storecheckers, I recommend googling them, finding their legit website, and signing up directly at their website, rather than through any link in their emails.

That would reduce the chances of trouble in case the emails are a scam (based on using the company's actual email addresses).
Wanted to update on my experience. I received an email from the operations director of Storecheckers sometime early this morning (they are based in U.K.). She apologized for the delays and the lack of updated info on their website and Shopper portal. They are short staffed due to summer vacation etc., as many companies find themselves In summer months. She explained that Storecheckers U.K. process their payments to their Shopper’s as needed. Meaning they will transfer payment via PayPal usually within a week or so of their client accepting the completed report. No waiting 1-3 months with this company! She said I can expect payment before the end of next week. It was a very pleasant email and I’m satisfied that not only is this a legitimate company, it is also one of the more pleasant and professional ones I’ve dealt with so far. I am located in Canada in case anyone wants to know.
I would love to know who you emailed because I did mine 2 weeks ago and I can’t get anyone to return my email about pay.
I just got an e-mail from them today for a testing shop and it's nicely bonused.

Did you every get paid @Kiki50s or
Here is their information from the MSPA Europe Website ( [] ):

Storecheckers UK Ltd
Etrop Court, The Birtles, Wythenshawe Civic Centre
M22 5RE Manchester
United Kingdom
Send an e-mail
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Contactperson: Rena Shaw (Operations Director)Telephone: +44 161 9808525
Website: []
Member since: 2005
Mnay thanks All for the information, very helpful! I just saw a posting for a testing shop and was wondering whether this is a legit company.
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