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Has anyone noticed a delay in editing/validating shops since the switch to weekly pay? It may be that I'm just keeping a closer eye on things, I'm not sure...

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judging from the pay increase on a few of their shops, I think they were nearing a deadline for a client. In the past, the other reports would be delayed while they focused on the time-sensitive ones.
Well, the 12 I have waiting for editing / "validation" are all bonused well above the usual pay...more than double what they started at. So, I'll just hope that they get them in before Tuesday!
I did some shops for them on 6/20 and they did not edit them yet..

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Are they paying shops now before editing them? with the pay every week rule i thought they said we would get paid in a week of the job but if it is not yet edited????
No, if the shops are not edited, they will not be paid...I had 12 shops completed last week, but only 3 were edited in time to be paid this week. A little disappointed by that, since we're leaving for vacation on Saturday, and that money would have really been nice to have. Guess it'll be nice to have when I get back!
Yes. And today is payday for the July 2 invoice? No money in PP.

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After a few weekly payments, I haven't received a July 5th payment either!! I'm thinking maybe the the July 4th holiday delayed it by a day or 2??
If a company pays weekly, doesn't that mean they pay weekly shops that have gone through editing already?
Not trying to beat a dead horse here....but when we have to have a shop in within 12 hours, and it is absolutely not accepted the next day...it really grates on me to see it sit in "Pending Validation" (Editing) for days on end....
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